7 Best Tower Speakers Under 10000 in India (May 2024)

Are you looking for the best tower speakers under 10000 in India? We all know when we want to set up a home entertainment system. Tower speakers are the best available options for everyone’s budget in the market. Suppose you are a true music lover and want the best audio experience. Then you should buy tower speakers. 

If you have tower speakers, they will provide powerful audio whenever you watch a movie or anything else. Our team knows that most of us can not afford expensive home music systems. That’s why we researched and found some of the best speakers under 10000. Our experts test all these tower speakers personally, and we can create this list for you only after that.

But one of the major problems we faced before buying the best tower speakers under 10000 is there are many options available in the market. And we need clarification and help to choose the perfect one for our home.

That’s why our experts choose the tower speakers for you. This article will tell you about 7 tower speakers from top brands. We’ll also tell you what you should consider before buying the best tower speakers in India. Read this article till the end to get your desired tower speakers now.

List of Best Tower Speakers Under 10000

No.Product NameLink
1.OBAGE DT-51 100 Watt 2.1 Bluetooth Tower SpeakerBUY NOW
2.F&D T200X 140 W 2.1 Channel Tower SpeakerBUY NOW
3.TECHXEWOO 200 Watts Tower Party SpeakerBUY NOW
4.OBAGE DT-2605 100 Watt Home Theatre Tower SpeakerBUY NOW
5.AKAI PartyMate Pro Wireless Tower SpeakerBUY NOW
6.TECHXEWOO TS1080BT 250 Double Tower SpeakerBUY NOW
7.Obage ST-777 100 Watts Single Tower SpeakerBUY NOW

In this section of our article, We listed the names of all the best speaker towers that we chose for you to purchase now at a reasonable price. Here we also add the buying link separately with all the speakers. So, you can easily redirect to the e-commerce site and make your purchase seamlessly.

If you want to read the details about each tower speaker, then you can move forward and read the detailed review of each speaker in the below section. But if you are in a hurry and want to know the conclusion or quick pick, we suggest you buy the first tower speakers that we listed on the list, “OBAGE DT-51.”

Detailed Review of Best Tower Speaker Under 10000

If you are reading this part of our article, that means you want to read the detailed review before making a purchase. If I am right, you can read the detailed review below. One more thing I want to say here is that.

We also wrote about what you should consider before buying the best tower speakers in India under 10000. And all this information you’ll find in the below section just after completing the detailed review. Let’s get started with a thorough review of tower speakers in India.

1. OBAGE DT-51 100 Watt 2.1 Channel Wireless Bluetooth Tower Speaker

OBAGE DT-51 100 Watt 2.1 Channel Wireless Bluetooth Tower Speaker

On top of our list, we will introduce you to the OBAGE DT-51. Which is the Obage tower speaker, and it’s top on our list because of its functionality. This tower speaker comes with 100 watts of power and 2.1 channels, meaning it has two speakers that will enhance your sound experience.

With this tower speaker, you’ll get unique features like a bass boost and a USB port. And these unique features will help you a lot when you use them at your place. Most people buy these tower speakers because they will perfectly connect with their television. And you can feel the immersive TV viewing experience after opting for these speakers.

These speakers will be perfect for your 200-square-foot closed room, as OBAGE claims. If you love the bass, then you can feel the ground shaking bass. Regarding bass technology, it works on bass reflex and side-firing. But it would be best if you remembered that these tower speakers are not a good fit for outdoor use.


  • It has multiple input options like Bluetooth 5.0, USB, AUX, and optical input.
  • With these tower speakers, you will get a flat sound signature.
  • It can cover up to 200 sq. ft. with its volume.
  • OBAGE claims that you’ll get superior vocal quality with these speakers.
Pros and Cons:


  • 6 months of warranty
  • Ground-shaking bass
  • It has tweeter effects.


  • It has 16 kg of weight, which can be an issue for some people.

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2. F&D T200X 140 W 2.1 Channel Tower Speaker

F&D T200X 140 W 2.1 Channel Soundbar Cum Tower Speaker

On our list of the best tower speakers in India under 10000, we have soundbar cum tower speakers from F&D. This F&D T200X tower speaker comes with a multicolor LED display, which enhances its look more. You’ll get three speaker types if you opt for this tower speaker. Firstly, you’ll get a subwoofer, multimedia support, and two tower speakers. And that’s why many people are already using this speaker at home.

There are so many unique features that come along with these speakers under rs. 10000. It weighs only 6 kilograms, so it’s portable, and you can move its location quickly. It has a built-in microphone, so you can make calls with it. F&D constantly invests in its research and development team, and that’s why this tower speaker is waterproof, as F&D claims.

Not only this, but you can also control these tower speakers from a remote or with your voice. Because it has a voice assistant, which makes our lives easier, why don’t we have this feature in our speakers? We can also use FM with these speakers without any interruption, and that’s another reason for buying these tower speakers at this price range.


  • It’s a durable speaker equipped with a tear-resistant feature.
  • It has a USB port to play your favorite music without the internet.
  • You can fully control these speakers with their remote.
Pros and Cons:


  • This tower speaker comes with a one-year warranty.
  • It has a built-in microphone.
  • You’ll also get a voice assistant feature from F&D.
  • You’ll get two tower speakers and one subwoofer at a reasonable price.


  • The Bluetooth range could be better.

3. TECHXEWOO 200 Watts Powerful Tower Party Speaker

TECHXEWOO The Musical Powerhouse 200 Watts Powerfull Tower Party Speaker

If you are looking for powerful Bluetooth speakers under 10000 rupees, this one’s for you. These Techxewoo tower speakers are beautifully designed, and Techxewoo makes these speakers durable so that you can use them for many years. This tower speaker comes in black and has multiple speakers on it. Which can be quickly and thoroughly controlled from the remote they provide along with these tower speakers.

Are you a karaoke lover? If you are, then you must buy these tower speakers. Because of these tower speakers, you can easily connect your mic and enjoy karaoke nights with your friends. To make your karaoke or party nights more memorable, it has RGB lights, which glow perfectly and will enlighten each corner of your room.

If we talk about connectivity, you can easily connect your device to these speakers through Bluetooth, AUX, and USB ports. There are good things we can tell you about these Bluetooth speakers. But one of the essential qualities we found was its sound quality and bass. And we thought most people looked for that part only. So, if you are one of them, you can go for the best tower speakers in India under 10000 from Techxewoo.


  • It has great sound quality with good bass.
  • You’ll also get a five-band preset equalizer in it.
  • Along with the tower speakers, you’ll also get an 8-inch subwoofer within them.
Pros and Cons:


  • It has better connectivity options.
  • RGB lights
  • You’ll get a six-month warranty.


  • It has 12 kg of weight, which can be an issue for some people.

4. OBAGE DT-2605 100 Watt Home Theatre Tower Speaker

OBAGE DT-2605 100 Watt Home Theatre Tower Speaker

We all know that the Obage DT 2605 is one of the best speakers under 10000. Obage always builds the type of quality speaker that is worth the price. And that’s why we are presenting you with this Obage DT 2605 in the fourth position. Even most of our team members are using this. These speakers have been mainly designed for TV and will look fabulous in your home.

Obage used high-quality wood to make its cabinet. And this thing makes these tower speakers more durable. If you are a bass lover who loves bass without any distortion, you should buy these speakers now. Our experts found that one of the best things about this speaker under 10000 is their connectivity option. You can connect this speaker to your device through Bluetooth, optical input, AUX, and USB ports.

As we told you about the Bluetooth connectivity, it has Bluetooth 5.0 features. That means you’ll get a clear sound without any hassle. FM is the feature that makes this tower speaker under 10000 unique, so you can enjoy FM with these speakers, which you will not find in any other tower speakers.


  • These tower speakers have a beautiful design and look.
  • Perfect for those who love bass.
  • You can easily set this up at your place.
Pros and Cons:


  • These tower speakers come with a 6-month warranty.
  • It has excellent connectivity options for devices.
  • You’ll get a bass-heavy sound signature with these speakers.


  • This tower speaker is not a good fit for loud listeners.

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5. AKAI PartyMate Pro PM-80P Wireless Bluetooth Party Speaker

AKAI PartyMate Pro PM-80P  Wireless Bluetooth Party Speaker

If you are obsessed with the speakers, you also love to do karaoke with your friends. And if my statement is correct, you should look at these tower speakers with a mic from AKAI, specially made for karaoke lovers. These tower speakers come with a wireless mic. It has excellent battery life, so you can enjoy a party for 8 hours with these speakers.

So, as we are talking about karaoke, you already guessed that these tower speakers are specially made for party lovers. And that’s the reason AKAI made these tower speakers durable and portable. You can easily lift this speaker and take it anywhere with you. Sometimes we go to a beach site to do a party, and here these tower party speakers come in a frame. Because it’s a splashproof speaker, you don’t have to worry about the sea waves while having a party.

It has multicolor LED lights to make your party more memorable and joyful. Not only this, but these speakers under 10000 can also connect to your television. And we talk about the connectivity options. Then you can connect this speaker to your devices through USB ports, AUX, and Bluetooth. It also has a remote to control all functions easily. And the major thing is that you don’t have to compromise with sound quality or bass.


  • It has a sound effect generator panel with built-in lights to use in the dark.
  • This speaker comes with a wireless mic for karaoke.
  • AKAI gives you IPX4 splash-proof protection to protect your speakers from water splashes.
Pros and Cons:


  • It comes with a one-year warranty.
  • It has a portable design and a mesmerizing look.
  • Beautiful RGB LED lights.


  • The build quality could be better.

6. TECHXEWOO TS1080BT 250 Watts Double Tower Speaker

TECHXEWOO TS1080BT 250 Watts Double Tower Speaker

On the sixth position on our list of the best tower speakers under 10000, we have another beast speaker from Techxewoo. And this time, these tower speakers have many features, so our experts placed those speakers on our list. These speakers come with a powerful 10-inch subwoofer and a 4-inch tweeter. To provide you with better and clearer sound quality.

It also has dual 4-inch speakers, which give you immersive sound quality with high bass. You’ll also get a karaoke feature with these speakers. To activate that feature, you have to press the button long enough. And here you go now. You must plug in your mic to enjoy the karaoke nights with your friends. To control all the functionality of these tower speakers, Techxewoo gives you a remote, which is very beneficial.

Not only this, but you’ll also get five different preset equalizer modes. And with this help, you can easily adjust the type of music, like jazz, cult, pop, normal, and rock. Its connectivity devices also make this product unique among others. That’s why our experts chose these speakers under rs 10000 from Techxewoo for our readers.


  • These tower speakers come with an ABS panel.
  • You can feel the deep bass with zero distortion.
  • This speaker will make your karaoke nights more memorable.
Pros and Cons:


  • You’ll get six months of warranty.
  • It has dual 4-inch tweeters.
  • These speakers will easily connect with any device.


  • It has 14 kg of weight, which can be an issue for some people.

7. Obage ST-777 100 Watts Single Tower Home Theatre System

Obage ST-777 100 Watts Single Tower Home Theatre System

We have another tower speakers under 10000 from Obage on our list. We all know that Obage builds one of the finest tower speakers in India in this price range. And that’s why we placed Obage ST-177, which comes in brown. Our experts say that it has the finest 8-inch subwoofer. Obage works well to make these tower speakers more durable, so they use high-quality wood for their cabinets.

You’ll also find all the control buttons and plugin options on the backside of the speakers. So, this will not ruin the look of your place because of the wire. If we talk about the connectivity options, then you can connect your devices through Bluetooth, auxiliary, USB, and optical input.

You can also use the FM feature of these tower speakers, a mandatory feature from OBAGE in all their tower speakers. Its comprehensive frequency response of 35 Hz to 18 kHz will help your tower speakers fill your home with music or other sounds. Bass is the thing that is chosen.

And that’s why they provide a bass and treble control button. So, you listen to your music according to your tastes. All these features make this the best tower speaker under 10000 in the market.


  • These tower speakers will easily cover your 200-square-foot room with sound.
  • You can also do karaoke with friends because it supports a wired mic.
  • Their speakers have echo effects and control buttons to give you some extra features.
Pros and Cons:


  • It comes with a one-year warranty.
  • These tower speakers have excellent connectivity options.
  • You can control the sound of the mic as well.


  • It has 14 kg of weight, which can be an issue for some people.

Factors to Consider While Buying Tower Speaker Under 10000

We, as Indians, always want to save our money on each purchase we make. If you read this section, we’ll tell you the factors you should consider before buying tower speakers under 10000. And if you know the product’s specification and your needs better. Only then you can purchase excellent and worthy products.

1. Budget:

Budget is an essential thing you should consider before buying any tower speaker under 10000 online or offline. But if you are reading this article. That means you already decided on your budget, which is a good thing as a buyer.

2. Speaker Size and Power:

If you want to buy the best tower speakers in India under 10000, you should know the perfect size according to your purpose. And if you know the purpose better, only you can select the size of tower speakers. Another thing that you should notice in tower speakers is their power according to your use. So, always consider these two things.

3. Room Size:

Suppose your sole purpose of buy the best tower speakers in India for your home entertainment. Then you should know the size of your room. If you don’t see the room size correctly, you can buy a tower speaker, which is too big or too small according to your room size.

4. Additional Features:

Who doesn’t love the additional features they get from products? And in the case of tower speakers, many brands provide lots of extra features for their customers. So, if you love those features, consider those tower speakers, which have many additional features.

5. Frequency Range and Sound Quality:

Buying tower speakers aims for good sound quality. Many brands provide tower speakers in India at lower prices, but they discriminate with the sound quality. But if you read this article, you don’t have to worry about all these. Because we only chose those tower speakers with excellent frequency range and immersive sound quality.

6. Warranty And price:

What you’ll do if your speakers get devastated just after a day of usage. The only option left is to repair those speakers with your own money. But if you purchase a tower speaker with a warranty period, you don’t have to worry about anything. 

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Conclusion About the Best Tower Speakers Under 10000

Finally, you reached this section after reading all the detailed reviews of the best tower speakers under 10000. In this article, we talked about the 10 tower speakers that our experts selected after extensive research. We hope you have already chosen the best tower speaker in India for yourself.

But in case you have any doubts or need any suggestions from our team, Then you can ask those questions in the comment section. And our team tries its best to help you as soon as possible. Another thing is that some people can still need clarification and think about which tower speaker is good for them.

In this situation, our experts suggest you go with OBAGE DT-2605, or you can choose OBAGE DT-51, depending on your requirements and budget. If you find this article about the best Bluetooth tower speaker helpful, then do share it with those who are planning to buy the tower speakers under 10000.

FAQ: Best Tower Speakers Under 10000

Which company’s tower speaker is the best?

There are many brands or companies available in India that provide the best tower speakers, but most of them are costly. And we are writing about tower speakers within a budget. So, in this range, Obage is the best company to buy from.

Do tower speakers make a difference?

Yes, obviously, it makes a big difference. We can tell that tower speakers have multiple woofer drivers, and because of this, they provide impactful bass as well as great sound quality, which a normal bookshelf speaker doesn’t provide.

What is the best distance for tower speakers?

Many experts suggest that we keep an 8-foot distance between both tower speakers.

Do tower speakers need a subwoofer?

Suppose you are purchasing a tower speaker from a reputed brand. Then they have their own bass. That’s why they don’t need a subwoofer to create an impactful sound. But if you want more bass with music that shakes your room, then you can buy a subwoofer as well.

Can bookshelf speakers sound as good as tower speakers?

No, it’s not even close to the quality of the tower speaker. But if you have a subwoofer from a reputed brand, then it can sound as good as tower speakers.

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