5 Best Wakefit Mattress in India (May 2024)

Are you looking forward to buying a new mattress? If yes, then you are at the right place. We have many convincing and authentic reasons that you should buy a Wakefit mattress. Your mattress plays a prominent role in how well you sleep at night. The mattress’s sole purpose is to provide comfort and fulfill its function for a very long time which defines quality. The type of sleep you are getting determines your mood and health.

Before diving into the Wakefit mattress review, let us tell you what makes the Wakefit mattress a better option than the other mattress on the market.

Problems With Ordinary Matress Brand

A low-quality mattress is everyone’s biggest nightmare. While buying a new mattress, don’t rush to look into details. To help you, Here we have noted a few significant problems you find in poor mattresses and how a Wakefit mattress is a better choice.

  • Broken spring
  • Uncomfortable
  • Too firm
  • Become too saggy in a concise period
  • Infuse gel in mattress start to smell dirty
  • Limited warranty
  • Tired after 8 hours of sleep
  • Suffers back pain

These few problems are signs that your mattress is low quality and why you need to get a Wakefit mattressWakefit mattress is undoubtedly the best mattress in India. It offers quality sleep, helps you in pain relief and stress release, and also improves your mood fresh from having a productive day. It is a high-quality mattress with a long-term warranty.

Why You Should Buy A Wakefit Mattress Online?

Here are a few reasons why you need to use Wakefit mattress

Better Sleep: You all deserve a good sleep at night after long hectic schedules that help you prepare for a productive day when morning arrives. All we want to do at night is fall asleep on a comfortable mattress, improving sleep quality for another hectic day. You can notice relief when you relax on a comfy Wakefit mattress.

Long-term warranty: You will not buy mattresses every day. It is not easy to find a high-quality mattress with a long-term warranty. Wakefit mattress comes with a long-term contract that offers good sleep and saves time and money.

Health: Your mattress has a direct connection with your health. A bad posture can cause many health issues like spinal pain, stress, no sleep, tiredness, and obesity. Therefore, it is necessary to go with a comfortable and quality Wakefit mattress single bed or double bed for your health.  

So, if you want a sound sleep, wake up fresh every morning, and improve your lifestyle, you should go for a Wakefit mattress.

We see you are still here; that is a good sign. The next thing we have for your list of best Wakefit mattresses, along with a detailed wake fit mattress review. Before you start reading them, we want to tell you that our Wakefit mattress review includes all the necessary details. 

Therefore must read carefully!

List of Top 5 Wakefit Mattress Reviews

1.Best option OverallWakefit Orthopedic Memory Foam
2.Best budget-friendly optionWakefit Hard & Soft Foam Mattress
3.Best latex mattressWakefit Medium Firm Mattress
4.Best queen-size mattressWakefit Xtra Snooze Grid Mattress 
5.Best crib optionWakefit Baby Crib Mattress 

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1. Wakefit Orthopedic Memory Foam

Wakefit orthopedic memory foam
Image Credit: Amazon

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Wakefit mattress is sturdy, high-quality, and made their way to the top of our best list. The Wakefit mattress orthopedic comes in queen size. This Wakefit mattress measures 78 x 60 x 8 in dimensions with 198.12 cm in length, 152.4 cm in width, and 20.32cms height. It is pretty much everyone one wants when it comes to mattresses. 

Wakefit mattress memory foam has 7zone support memory foam. Let’s not forget the coils at their base. These coils and high resilience foam makes much room for airflow. It is medium firm, so you don’t have to worry about saggy or lousiness. You sleep very comfortably in any sleeping position. Moreover, the Wakefit mattress can endure much weight.

That makes it a perfect choice for heavy sleepers, back sleepers, stomach sleepers, and couples. Wakefit mattress price is also reasonable for such a high-quality mattress. So, if you are struggling to find a comfortable and durable mattress, this is your sign to buy a Wakefit mattress online.


  • Breathable
  • Quality sleep
  • Ten years warranty


  • Its fabric is not entirely of cotton.

2. Wakefit Hard & Soft Foam Mattress

Wakefit Hard & Soft Foam Mattress
Image Credit: Amazon

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You want to buy a premium king-size mattress but can’t afford it. Well, you don’t have to worry because we have to figure it out for you. This kind size dual comfort Wakefit mattress is incredibly affordable. Now you don’t have to spend to fortune to buy a quality mattress. Wakefit mattress is an excellent value for your money without breaking the bank account.

This Wakefit mattress offers deep body contouring that works wonders for sleepers. You can feel relief and medium firmness supporting the spine and hips. You can use this dual Wakefit mattress according to your preference and comfort.

Wakefit mattress is 182.88 cm long, 182.88 cm wide, and 15.24 cm in height. Moreover, the Wakefit mattress offers excellent support in its high-density foam so, you can enjoy medium firmness. It can bear a ton of motion and weight, which makes it a perfect pick for heavy sleepers and couples.

This 6-inch wake fit mattress price is not only reasonable, but it is also a high-quality mattress equipped with Next-Gen Memory Foam and Breathable Fabric. So, if you are struggling with your poor-quality mattress, please stop. It is harmful to your health and body. Buy a Wakefit mattress online now, before you miss it.


  • Wakefit mattress price is economical
  • It comes with dual comfort
  • Sleep well


  • No significant issue

3. Wakefit Medium Firm Mattress

Wakefit 7-Zone Latex Mattress
Image Credit: Amazon

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If you want to buy a latex mattress, then you should have a look at this all-latex wakefit mattress features a medium firm that offers a comfortable and supportive base regardless of whatever your sleeping position is

Wakefit mattress comes with 7-zone layers. Wakefit mattress layers can bear any weight you put on them while maintaining their firmness.  

This mattress guarantees peaceful sleep and no pain in any body part. Wakefit latex mattress’s ability to adapt to the weight of your body makes it worth buying.

Moreover, the Wakefit mattress queen size is orthopedic, providing a comfortable upper layer, followed by memory foam that lets you sleep in a relaxed posture. It is an excellent choice for those who move a lot in sleep or infants who wake up with a slight movement.


  • 7 zone layer
  • All natural latex
  • Long term warranty
  • Wakefit mattress price increases its credibility


  • Its cooling effect needs a slight improvement.

4. Wakefit Xtra Snooze Grid Mattress

Wakefit Xtra Snooze Mattress
Image Credit: Amazon

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You wake up in the middle of the night because your mattress makes noise with every turn you take in your sleep. Then it is time you get a new one. You don’t know which one to buy, well, no worries. This Wakefit mattress is everything you need, and most importantly, its springs don’t creak or make any noise. Now you can tousle in your sleep as much as you want.  

Wakefit mattress online is sag resistant which means it won’t sink and change its shape. It can ensure a great deal of weight. 7 Zone layer that offers super support aligned with spine and shoulders. While the responsive foam layer ensures it doesn’t sag over time.

It comes with enough room for air circulation and cooling effect. Wakefit 6 inches mattress measures 182.88 cm in length, 121.92 cm in width, and 12.7 cm in height.

You must think such a great mattress would cost a lot, but the answer is no. Wakefit mattress price is surprising so economical. So, anyone who lives in India looking for a soft, comfy mattress can easily have it.


  • No noise
  • Durable innerspring mattress
  • Washable cover
  • Stay firm for years


  • It is not waterproof.

5. Wakefit Baby Crib Mattress

Wakefit Baby Crib Mattress
Image Credit: Amazon

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When it is infants, please pay attention and don’t pick anything blindly. We are here to recommend to you the best Wakefit mattress crib. But decide after reading this Wakefit mattress review. Your child’s health, sleep, and comfort should be your top priority.

It fits into a standard full-size crib. The firmness ensures the child’s safety and development. It is so soft that you don’t have to worry about the child’s comfort.

The crib features high-quality GSM spun knitted breathable fabric to increase air circulation. Moreover, this large crib weighs 3500 grams and is 130.8 long and 68.6 wide.

The Wakefit mattress price never disappoints; like other Wakefit mattresses, this crib is also budget-friendly. If you have an infant and toddler, don’t let them sleep on firm beds; instead, get this comfy and supportive crib. Wakefit mattress is India’s mom’s number choice.


  • Comfortable
  • Lightweight
  • Affordable


  • Some people say it needs firmness, but it’s different for everyone.

Conclusion on The Best Wakefit Mattress in India

Wakefit Mattress is an excellent eco-friendly mattress that promotes spinal alignment, relieves stress and pressure buildup, and most importantly, Wakefit mattress price offers value for your money. In this Wakefit mattress review guide, we have mentioned buying worthy Wakefit mattresses for you. Then, what you are waiting for purchase the best-fit mattress for you now. But if you want look around other brand then, you can read our duroflex mattress review.

FAQs About The Best Wakefit Mattress in India

Is Wakefit mattress good for health?

Yes, a Wakefit mattress is good for health. It supports your body in proper posture, eases back pain, and improves breathing while you are asleep. It is overall an excellent option for health.

Which Wakefit mattress is best?

Wakefit 6-inch Hard & Soft Foam King Size Dual Comfort Mattress is the best Wakefit mattress. This Wakefit mattress king size comes with a dual option. Moreover, the Wakefit mattress price is pretty priced.

Wakefit mattress, which side up?

If you want firmness, then you can flip the Wakefit mattress over. The Wakefit mattress’s orthopedic comes with a firm and soft matter.

How to open a Wakefit mattress?

1. First, take the Wakefit mattress out of the box
2. Then carefully cut through the plastic cover in a straight line
3. Let Wakefit mattress expand, and you are all set.

How to fold the Wakefit mattress?

1. Bend the Wakefit mattress horizontally.
2. Keeps the Wakefit mattress interior facing out to avoid scuffs.
3. Keep the Wakefit mattress base’s top and bottom in contact.
4. Use straps to stiffen it to stop it from opening after.

How to clean the Wakefit mattress?

Wakefit mattress comes with a removable cover. Please take off the body and wash it with non-bleach detergent. Please do not put it in the washing machine. After washing, let it dry in free air.

How is Wakefit a memory foam mattress?

Wakefit memory foam Mattress is good. It helps you improve body posture. It also keeps the natural alignment of your spine and alleviates pressure felt by the shoulders and the hips. Memory foams mattress improves your health and offers good sleep.

How to install a Wakefit mattress?

1. It is effortless to install a Wakefit mattress
2. Take your Wakefit mattress out of the packet
3. Place it on your bed.
4. Use the cutter to cut the plastic cover.
5. When the Wakefit mattress takes its original shape, remove the plastic covers.
6. It will regain 100% of its shape in 48 hours.

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