6 Best Mixer Grinder Under 5000 in India (May 2024)

Do you want to find the best mixer grinder under 5000? Then you are in the right place. In this review blog, we’re going to tell you about the mixer grinder’s features, pros, and cons.

And give you more compelling reasons to buy the best mixer grinder under 5000 listed below. In this era of online shopping, where too many choices are available for every product, it’s really difficult to pick the most suitable product for our expected budget.

That’s why we are trying to help you choose the best mixer grinder under 5000 through this buying guide. Our team is constantly working on this, and as a result of our efforts, we are now able to provide you with a list of the mixer grinders under 5000.

We understand our readers’ needs, which is why we try to select those mixer grinders. That has every functionality that comes with an expensive mixer grinder. We also try to list the features you should look for in a mixer grinder before spending your money.

Finally, we discovered only five brands that met all of our criteria after extensive research. As a result, we’ve compiled a list of the top and best mixer grinders under 5000 for you. Or if you are looking for the best mixer grinder under 3000 then, you can click on that link to read the full blog.

Things To Consider Before Buying Best Mixer Grinder Under 5000

Before buying any mixer grinder, There are many things that you should look for in that particular machine. We put those things below in our buying guide to help you select the mixer grinder under 5000.

Jar Number and Size in a Mixer Grinder:

First things first, because jars play an extremely crucial role when you buy a mixer grinder. You should always check how many jars the company will provide with the mixer grinder.

And also, what is the capacity of those jars? But it’s also one of the truths that it depends on your requirements, how many jars and what capacity will be enough for you.

You should check these things before buying any mixer grinder from our list of the best mixer grinders under 5000.

Durability and Quality Of Mixer Grinders:

Many local brands manufacture mixer grinders that are not durable, and the quality is also not up to the mark.

So, please consider this point and always look for a trustworthy brand that provides durability and high-quality products. Also, we didn’t keep those cheap brands in our list of the best mixer grinders under 5000.

Overload And Auto Cut-Off Protection:

When there is a lot of work in the kitchen to do, sometimes we overfill the mixer’s jar with ingredients to grind to save time. But due to this, the motor can burn out because of overloading.

Many brands equip mixer grinders with overload and auto-cut-off protection to avoid this problem. Buyers should opt for brands that offer this feature.

Motor Speed Of Mixer Grinder:

Every buyer should look for a mixer grinder that provides a powerful motor and a knob to control the motor’s speed. Because some spices will grind well.

But we need to mix them well and at that time. We need a speed control function to control the motor and blade speed. Generally, the motor speed is measured in RPM.

Buyers should look for mixers that at least give them 15,000 RPM. And believe me, that is enough for an Indian kitchen.

Warranty Duration Of Mixer Grinder:

The warranty duration differs as per the manufacturer of the mixer grinder. On mixer grinders, the majority of brands offer a two to five-year warranty.

During the warranty period, they will take care of the mixer grinder if anything goes wrong with the machine. Before buying any mixer grinder, look for the best warranty possible.

Most companies give the motor a higher duration than the mixer grinder body.

Cost Of Mixer Grinder:

Finally, the main thing to consider before buying a mixer grinder is the price of that particular device. Ask yourself if it is worth buying this at this price range.

Because it depends on how much you can spend to purchase the device you need. But as you are reading this article, I can tell that your budget is 5000. And you looking for a mixer grinder under 5000?

And we list those mixer grinders to help you find the best fit for you without any hassle.

List of The Best Mixer Grinder Under 5000

1.Best Mixer Grinder overallBajaj Classic Mixer Grinder, 750W
2.Best performance Mixer GrinderPhilips HL 7720 750-Watt Mixer
3.Best built-in Mixer GrinderSujata SuperMix SM Mixer Grinder
4.High-Quality Mixer GrinderBorosil Silverline Mixer Grinder
5.Best Mixer Grinder For HomeHavells Maxx Grind 750-watt
6.Best budget-friendly Mixer GrinderPrestige Delight Plus 750 W

1. Bajaj Classic Mixer Grinder, 750W, 3 Jars

Bajaj Mixer Grinder Under 5000

In our list of the best mixer grinders under 5000, we put the Bajaj mixer grinder on top. Bajaj is one of the oldest and most trusted brands when it comes to home appliance machines.

This Bajaj mixer grinder comes with a powerful motor of 750 watts, allowing the device to perform efficiently and grind the hardest spices with ease. The color combination and the design give this machine a complete look that defines the brand’s value. 

The unbreakable jars are the other key factor that makes this mixer grinder different from others. This machine comes with three jars; the liquidizing jar capacity will be 1.5 L, the dry grinding jar capacity will be 1 L, and the chutney jar capacity will be 0.3 L, which is enough for the Indian kitchen.

You can go with this mixer grinder blindfolded any day. Check out this product using the link. You can also check out the best silent mixer grinder in India.

Special Features

  • This Mixer Grinder’s Multitasker Stainless Steel Blade
  • You’ll Get A Powerful Titan Motor Of 750 watts.
  • Tetraflow Technology For Efficient Grinding
  • The Durable And Break-Resistant Jars Of This Mixer Grinder
  • The motor in this mixer grinder has a 5-year warranty.
  • Powerful Motor
  • Simple to Clean
  • Value for money.
  • There were no defects discovered.

2. Philips HL 7720 750-Watt Mixer Grinder with 3 Jars

Philips Mixer Grinder Under 5000

Who doesn’t know Philips about giving top-notch products and good customer service? Then, Philips is the first brand that comes to my mind.

This mixer grinder will operate at 230 volts with the help of a 750-watt powerful motor. With this mixer grinder, you’ll get an auto-cut-off feature.

Because of this auto-cut-off feature, motor life will increase because whenever there is overloading at the machine jar, this functionality will work and auto-cut the mixer, which means you can use this product for a long period. 

The mixer grinder will come with three discrete jars; the first jar for wet grinding with a capacity of 1.5 L; the second jar for dry grinding with a capacity of 1 L; and the last one for chutney grinding, and the capacity of this jar will be 0.4 L. Check out this product using the link.

Special Features

  • This Mixer Grinder’s large three-speed control knob
  • The Rust-Free And Premium Design Of This Mixer Grinder
  • You’ll Get The Best Handle For Easy Grip In This Mixer Grinder.
  • Child Lock Functionality for Safety Purposes
  • The Advanced Ventilation System of This Mixer Grinder
  • Powerful 750-Watt Motor
  • Auto Cut-Off Function
  • Simple to Clean
  • A little noisy

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3. Sujata SuperMix SM Mixer Grinder, 900 Watt, 3 Jars


At number three in our buying guide of a mixer grinder under 5000, we listed the Sujata Supermix mixer grinder. This Sujata mixer grinder gives you shock-proof and safe functionality for their customers.

For this reason, Sujata should get respect because Sujata keeps its customers’ safety first. Most importantly, you’ll get a powerful 900-watt motor, which is just unbelievable because, in this price range, no brand gives you that powerful motor.

And their powerful motor comes with double ball bearings for low maintenance and efficiency of the mixer grinder. In this mixer grinder, Sujata provides a transparent blender jar with 1.5 L of capacity. For dry grinding, the jar capacity will be 1 L, and the last for the chutney jar of this mixer grinder, Sujata, provides a 0.3 L capacity.

The mixer grinder weighs only 5 kg. That makes it easy for you to carry this from your room to the kitchen to the dining hall. You can purchase this mixer grinder mainly because of the 900-watt power of the motor. You can check out this mixer using the link. 

Special Features

  • This Mixer Grinder’s build quality is excellent.
  • This mixer grinder is extremely lightweight.
  • The 900-watt Powerful Motor Of The Mixer Grinder
  • You Can Run This Mixer Grinder Continuously For 90 Minutes.
  • This Mixer Grinder Is Shock-Proof And Safe.
  • Shockproof
  • Low Maintenance
  • Powerful Motor
  • There were no drawbacks discovered.

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4. Borosil Silverline Mixer Grinder

Borosil Silverline Mixer Grinder

A 750-watt grinding machine from Borosil is ranked fourth on the list of the best mixer grinders under 5000 in India. With this grinder, you’ll get two years of warranty on the product and five years on the mixer’s motor.

This mixer grinder comes with three high-quality stainless steel jars, each with a capacity of 1.5 liters, 1.2 liters, and 400 ml. 

Because it runs at 20,000 RPM with a 30-minute operating time, you can easily grind the toughest ingredients in these jars.

You will get a 3-speed option in this mixer grinder; with this, you can control the speed and get proper grinding according to your needs. You can click on the link below to purchase this sturdy Borosil mixer grinder.

Special Features

  • It has an overload protector for safety purposes.
  • To make this mixer grinder more durable, they provided air vents for ventilation.
  • Their power cord is 1.5 meters long.
  • This mixer grinder runs at 230 volts, saving your utility bills.
  • Brass bushes to reduce the motor’s heat.
  • Powerful Motor
  • Clip locking jars
  • Jar’s Locks are a little tight in their new state.

5. Havells Maxx Grind 750-watt Mixer Grinder with 3 Jars

Havells Mixer Grinder Under 5000

Do you remember when we had to buy a ceiling fan? And we always went to Havells? That’s why we put the Havells mixer grinder at the fifth number in our list of the best mixer grinders under 5000.

The overload indicator tells you when the jar gets overloaded and makes it difficult for the motor to grind well. In this way, it increases the motor’s life span, which has 750 watts of power.

This mixer grinder is made for modern kitchens and comes with a three-speed control knob, which is an important feature to regulate the speed of the mixer grinder.

Every person needs comfort in everything, and for this, Havells introduced ergonomic handles for the convenience of customers while grinding any ingredients in a mixer grinder. Also, Havells jars have transparent lids, which are beneficial while grinding.

This machine has three superior stainless steel jars. The blending jar capacity will be 1.5 L, the dry grinding jar capacity will be 1 L, and the chutney jar capacity will be 500 ml. If you want, then check out this product using the link.

Special Features

  • The Reliable Stainless Steel Jars Of This Mixer Grinder
  • The Best Functionality Of The 3 Speed Controls Of This Mixer Grinder
  • Standing Stability Feature
  • This mixer grinder is extremely lightweight.
  • The Mixer Grinder’s Best Lock Feature
  • Premium Design
  • Excellent Speed Controls
  • Transparent Lids
  • A little noisy

6. Prestige Delight Plus 750 W Mixer Grinder with 4 Jars

Prestige Mixer Grinder Under 5000

We come to the last mixer grinder on our list of the best mixer grinders under 5000. Prestige is another great brand with the best customer service, which gives it a position in our list. It has a superior-grade plastic body and an impactful design.

For better grinding with ease, Prestige provides four super-efficient stainless steel blades. Another factor that gives this mixer grinder a position on this list is the sturdy handle that is convenient to hold the jar at grinding time. 

The prestige mixer grinder comes with a powerful 7500-watt motor and four jars that no company will give you at this price range. You will get a two-year warranty on this mixer grinder and five years on the motor.

Overload protection is also available to ensure that this mixer grinder performs efficiently. You can check out this product using the link.

Special Features

  • Four Super Efficient Stainless Steel Blades
  • Mixer Grinder Winding Motors Built From Pure Copper
  • The Best Mechanism for Jar Locking
  • A powerful 750-watt motor is used.
  • Four jars
  • Light Weight
  • Simple to Clean
  • A little noisy

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Final Thought About Best Mixer Grinder Under 5000 In India

So, these are the top five brands that provide the best mixer grinder under 5000. These mixer grinders were tested in their homes by our experts and our team members. The mixer grinder we listed in our blog has gotten the best reviews on eCommerce sites.

We tried to put the best mixer grinders on our list of best mixer grinders under 5000 INR so that every Indian middle-class family can afford and do their housework easily with these machines. We put these five brands on our list after researching a lot about mixer grinders and testing over twenty brands.

Finally, we conclude that only these five brands are the best fits on the list of the best mixer grinders under 5000. Now you can decide which mixer grinder will be best for your household based on your needs and requirements.

Please read the entire review blog carefully as well as their features, pros, and cons, before purchasing the best mixer grinder under 5000.

But if you have any doubt regarding this, Please feel free to drop a comment below to get a resolution to your query. Also, please share this article with your family and friends. Who is planning to buy a new mixer grinder?

FAQs About The Mixer Grinder Under 5000

Which is the most powerful mixer grinder?

You can see our list of the best mixer grinders under 5000. And every mixer grinder has a powerful motor of 750 watts.

But Sujata, on the other hand, is the most powerful mixer grinder on this list of the best mixer grinders under 5000, thanks to its 900-watt powerful motors.

Which grinder is best for home?

We listed all the best mixer grinders under 5000. But as we can see, you are asking about price factors.

Then, you should go with the Bajaj mixer grinder that we listed at the top of our list of the best mixer grinders under 5000.

Which is the best mixer grinder in India under 4000?

In this blog post, We listed some of the best-brand mixer grinders that range from 3000 to 5000. But if you want to purchase a mixer grinder that costs you around 4000 from our list of the best mixer grinders under 5000.

Then, we recommend you go with the Havells Maxx Grind 750-watt mixer grinder that we reviewed above in this blog post.

Which 750-watt mixer grinder is best?

We can see that in today’s market for mixer grinders. Most of the time, companies provide mixer grinders with a 750-watt motor.

And in our list of the best mixer grinders under 5000, most of the mixer grinders have 750-watt motors. So, you can go with the Bajaj that we listed above because it’s a reliable brand in the Indian market.

Which brand is best for a mixer grinder?

In this situation, there are numerous brands available on the market. Before purchasing the best mixer grinder under 5000, it is natural to become confused between brands.

You can see that we listed the five best brands of mixer grinders on our list. And from that list, you can choose the best fit for yourself. But if you want to hear about one brand. Then, it’ll be Sujata.

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