Instant Geyser vs Storage Geyser: Detailed Comparison (May 2024)

Everyone knows that winter is coming, and with this cold season, we want warm water for showers, cleaning clothes, dishes, and much more. So, before purchasing any geyser, we need clarification about instant geyser vs storage geyser.

Which one should I choose? In this era of the internet, we have many online options available. We developed this helpful article to solve all your queries related to instant geyser vs storage geyser. Keep reading this article to the end to clarify all your questions and make better decisions for the household.

Difference between instant water heater vs storage water heater

There can be many differences between an instant and a storage water heater, but in this article about storage geyser vs instant geyser, we will only point out some major differences that will help you decide between an instant water heater vs storage water heater. Keep reading this article.

What is an Instant Geyser:

An instant geyser or water heater is a device that will run on electricity or gas. And will instantly heat your water whenever you need it. They don’t have a storage tank to store the water for a long time. They are more reliable for any household.

What is a Storage Geyser:

A storage geyser, or water heater, is a device with a tank to store the water to heat up. Storage geysers will also consume your electricity or gas to heat the water and store that water within them. As a result, people can use it whenever they need to. This geyser consumes more electricity or gas than an instant water heater.

Below, I’ve listed some points between an instant water heater vs storage water heater. Read those points carefully, and only after that should you decide whether to buy any product according to your needs.

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Comparison Between Storage Geyser vs Instant Geyser

Which type of geyser takes up the most wall space?

Instant Geyser:  As I said above, this type of water heater doesn’t have tanks to store the water for future use. So, this can be easily mounted on your wall. Whether in your kitchen or bathroom, it’ll fit easily anywhere in your home because it will occupy less space.

Storage Geyser: A storage-type water heater has a water tank ranging from 3 to 35 liters, making it larger and heavier than instant geysersSince they are big, it depends on how many liters you buy. They take up more space on your wall and look bulky, which could be problematic if your kitchen or bathroom is small.

Which geyser is the most simple to install?

Instant Water Heater: As I told you before, these geysers are small in size and light in weight. That is why this takes less time for the installation process unless your installation guy is unprofessional.

Storage Water Heater: These geysers are big, and you know they take up more space on your wall. As a result, the installation process takes longer because many holes must be drilled in your wall, and many other things must be done.

Storage and tank capacity in instant water heater vs storage

Geyser Instant Type: Instant geysers don’t have any storage tanks. An instant water heater will not store your water for later use. If you are looking for an instant geyser vs a storage geyser for this purpose, you can go with the storage geyser.

Geyser Storage Type: A storage geyser is made to store hot water. That’s why it has a storage tank that can hold 3 to 35 liters. A storage geyser will be ideal for you if you have a large family.

Time for heating water in instant water heater vs storage water heater

Storage Geyser: When using a storage water heater in your home, you must keep waiting for the water heating process. This water heater will take up to 10 minutes to provide hot water.

Instant Geyser: An instant water heater eliminates waiting for hot water. As the name implies, this device can provide hot water immediatelyIt will only take a few seconds or, at most, one minute to complete the heating process.

Which is the most suitable instant geyser or storage geyser

Instant Geyser: This type of geyser is often used in the kitchen for washing utensils or in a bathroom for taking a shower or washing your clothes. And if you have a small family that uses less water in a day and you are confused between an instant geyser vs storage geyser, then you should go with an instant geyser because this will suit you.

Storage Geyser: The storage geyser is specifically made for large families. Which family has more than five members? Because in this geyser, you can store your hot water for future use for the same purpose we discussed in an instant geyser. But there can be a problem when you want to use this in your kitchen.

Storage geyser and instant geyser average size

Instant Geyser: An instant geyser’s average size and capacity are 1 liter to 5 liters. And this size is ideal for most Indian households. You can go with an instant geyser if you are confused between an instant geyser vs storage geyser.

Storage Geyser: A storage geyser has storage tanks holding 3 to 35 liters of waterIf you use more water, choose whichever number of liters you want per requirement.

Safety factors for an instant geyser vs storage geyser

Instant Geyser:  Any brand that makes geysers or water heaters provides their customers with high-quality products and puts safety first. So, you will get multiple safety functions in an instant water heater. So you don’t have to worry about safety.

Storage Geyser: Similarly, customers will get multiple safety measures with storage geysers. There is also an auto-cut feature that turns off the geyser automatically. Which also saves money on electricity bills.

Storage geyser and an instant geyser’s lifespan

Instant Geyser: The life of an instant geyser is determined by a variety of factors, including the quality of the water, whether we maintain it regularly, and many others. However, if you use it properly and perform regular maintenance, it will last more than seven years.

Storage Geyser: When it comes to the storage geyser, many major factors determine how long you will be able to use the geyser. Because there is a storage tank in it, it’ll start leaking after some years of regular usage. If you don’t take care of it, you won’t use it for long. But roughly, you can use it for more than six years with regular maintenance.

Maintenance cost of storage vs instant geyser

Instant Geyser: The maintenance for an instant geyser is minimal because it does not frequently failBut if anything happens like this, the cost is minimal, so you don’t have to worry about it.

Storage Geyser: You know that in the storage geyser, there is a tank available. And after some time, those tanks often start leaking, which is why your maintenance cost is higher than an instant geyser.

Storage or instant geyser cost factors

Instant Geyser: All of you know that prices can vary depending on different factors, and if we are talking about an instant geyser vs a storage geyser, then it will depend on which brand we are going with or how many liters we want to buy. However, you can opt for an instant geyser for a budget of 2,500 to 5,000 INR. Below, I share some awesome instant geysers to choose from.

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Best-selling instant geyser in India

Buy Now1 Liter instant geyserBajaj Flora Water Heater
Buy Now3 Liter instant geyserCrompton Rapid Jet
Buy Now3 Liter instant geyserBajaj Splendora
Buy Now3 Liter instant geyserHavells Instanio
Buy Now5 Liter instant geyserCrompton Gracee

Storage Geyser: If you are searching for an instant geyser vs storage geyser price difference, then I already talked about instant geysers in the above section. And the price range of storage geysers can also differ based on the brand and tank size. But you can get a high-quality storage geyser for 5,000 to 10,000 INR. Below, I share some awesome instant geysers to choose from.

Best-selling storage geyser in India

Buy Now 10 Liter Storage Water HeaterHavells Instanio
Buy Now 15 Liter Storage Water HeaterCrompton Amica
Buy Now 15 Liter Storage Water HeaterBajaj New Shakti Neo
Buy Now 25 Liter Storage Water HeaterCrompton Arno Neo
Buy Now25 Liter Storage Water HeaterBajaj New Shakti Neo

So if you are confused between an instant geyser and a storage geyser, we cover everything so you can decide which geyser type is suitable for you based on these factors.

Final Thoughts on Instant vs Storage Geysers

This article on instant geyser vs storage geyser covers all the queries that come to your mind while finding a suitable geyser for your home. And after researching these things, we also mentioned some of the best-selling water heaters on our list.

After reading this article, you can decide which is better: an instant or storage water heater. So, read this article carefully while choosing the best product for your household. Before purchasing, please make an informed choice between an instant vs storage water heater.

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Gas Geyser vs Electric Geyser

FAQs About The Storage Geyser vs Instant Geyser

Which Geyser Consume Less Electricity, Instant Or Storage?

After comparing both instant geyser vs storage geyser from every perspectiveWe can tell you that instant geysers will consume less electricity.

Which Geyser Is Better, Instant Or Storage?

We cover everything to determine this question in the above section of this article. But if you want to know this from us. Then, we’ll vote for an instant geyser.

Compare instant water heaters and storage water heaters.

Yes, we already did that in this article on instant geyser vs storage geyser. Please read the article from start to end to know the comparison.

Which type of geyser is best for a bathroom?

You can use both geysers for your bathroom. Both of them are compatible with your bathroom. If your family is small, go for the instant geyser; if big, go with a storage water heater.

Can instant geysers be used in bathrooms?

Yes, it can be used in the bathroom, kitchen, or anywhere in your home because it is portable in design and size.

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