8 Best Coir Mattress in India (March 2024)

Are you looking for a mattress with firm support? Then you should consider the best coir mattress in India. These mattresses are made from natural materials such as coconut fibers, which provide firmer support and alleviate back pain.

We do extensive research to find some of the best coir mattresses in India available in India. And after that, we can write this coir mattress review. But there are so many options available in the Indian market that many people get confused about which coir mattress is right for them.

For this reason, we list some of India’s best coir mattress. That will help you with back pain and give you perfect sleep at night. From points A to Z, we cover everything necessary to find the best coir mattress in India for you.

After reading this coir mattress review, you must decide your budget and be ready to order a coir mattress. We also link the products with reviews, so you don’t have to find those mattresses manually.

What is a coir mattress?

Coir mattresses are made from coconut fibers. These mattresses are eco-friendly Also many people use coir mattresses for back pain and get relief from their back pain along with better sleep. Along with coconut fibers, there is minimal use of rubber to support the mattress layer so people can sleep peacefully on it.

List of Top 8 Best Coir Mattress in India

No.Coir Mattress NameLink
1.Duroflex Black Magic Coir MattressCheck Price
2.COZY COIR – Heavy Density Coir MattressCheck Price
3.Sunidra Natural Orthopedic Coir MattressCheck Price
4.Centuary Mattresses Lotus Coir MattressCheck Price
5.Springtek Coir Bond MattressesCheck Price
6.Duroflex Durobond NXT Coir MattressCheck Price
7.Coirfit Magic Rubberised Coir MattressCheck Price
8.Kurl-On Coir Mattress for Firm SupportCheck Price

We know you get tired from waking up with pain in your back. That is why we chose and listed the top 8 best coir mattress companies in India. So you can get relief from the pain as soon as possible.

In this list, we have well-known and less-known mattress brands. But all these coir mattresses are worth buying. Please take a look at the list and buy one of them for yourself. You can choose any best coir mattress brands in India from the below list because our experts tested all of these for you.

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What is Coir Mattress Benefits?

There can be multiple benefits of a coir mattress. Some of them are listed below.

Easy to clean: Coir mattresses have a removable cover, so you can easily clean them. Suppose it gets dirty after prolonged use.

Best for summer: Many people ask if that. Is a coir mattress good for summer? And the answer is yes because the coir mattress didn’t absorb heat and kept the bed cool.

Cost-efficient: Coir mattress prices are comparably low to those of other coir mattresses because the cost of making them is low.

Eco-friendly: As I said in the above section, this mattress is made from coconut fibers, so these mattresses are eco-friendly for our environment.

Durability and Firm Support: Coir mattresses are made from natural ingredients, which is why they’re durable, give better firm support, and help with back pain and better sleep.

Detailed Coir Mattress Review In India

We have all seen the best coir mattress brands in the above section. Now I will tell you about some of the best coir mattresses in India with detailed specifications, pros, and cons. We also included a purchasing link for each mattress for the reader’s convenience.

1. Duroflex Black Magic Mattress for Firm Back Support

duroflex Back Magic Coir Mattress
Image Credit: Amazon

This Duroflex mattress is one of the best coir mattress in India. That’s why we put this on top of our list. This coir mattress comes with five zones of orthopedic technology. This means you’ll get better-tailored support in different areas of your body and relieve pain in your back, neck, and shoulder.

Spine alignment will be perfect with this coir mattress, so there is no chance of developing back pain in the coming time. That is why this is the best coir mattress for back pain in India. This mattress will increase circulation with the help of tailored support. That means your body will get better oxygenation and relief from pain.

Duroflex gives their customers a seven-year warranty on their coir mattresses. Duroflex mattresses are recommended by many orthopedic doctors and tested by experts. You can purchase this coir mattress by following the link.

Pros and Cons:


  • 7 years of warranty
  • 5 Zone orthopedic technology
  • Naturally cooling coir layer
  • Recommended by doctors


  • No cons found

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2. COZY COIR Mattress Review

COZY COIR Mattress
Image Credit: Amazon

Are you looking for the best coir mattress in India with a low budget? Then, the Cozy coir mattress is a perfect fit for you because this coir mattress comes at a very affordable price with all the necessary features. You’ll get two years of brand warranty on this coir mattress.

COZY COIR has a good reputation in the mattress industry in India, with 35 years of industry experience. You are paying this low price because your coir mattress was delivered directly from their factory. Cozy Coir provides its customers with the finest mattresses with no chemicals added, which are 100% eco-friendly.

In the cozy coir mattress, you’ll find the two-layer of high-density natural coir and firmness. This coir mattress helps you with back, neck, and shoulder pain through its comfortable, firm technology. Click the below-given link to buy this product at a great price.

Pros and Cons:


  • Passed multiple hefty tests
  • High-density coir on both sides
  • Eco-friendly coir mattress


  • Only two years of warranty

3. Sunidra Mattress Review – Natural Orthopedic Coir Mattress

Sunidra CR200 Coir Mattress
Image Credit: Amazon

Sunidra has another affordable and best orthopedic coir mattress in India on our list. Sunidra offers only certified and natural orthopedic coir mattresses at an affordable price. With this coir mattress, you’ll get good back support and relief from back pain with the help of Sunidra’s orthopedic technology.

This coir mattress comes with a two-year product warranty. And Sunidra itself has 21 years of industry experience in coir mattresses. This coir mattress is made from a jacquard-woven, knitted premium fabric that prevents bedbugs and provides an anti-dust coating for your mattress.

Sunidra’s coir mattress mainly uses two things for manufacturing: rubberized coir for body posture support and PU foam for comfortable sleep. Tap the below-given link to buy this product now.

Pros and Cons:


  • Best for pain relief
  • Best for back support
  • Anti-dust mite coating
  • Certified orthopedic mattress


  • Only two years of warranty

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4. Centuary Mattresses Lotus Mattress

Centuary Mattresses Lotus 4 inch
Image Credit: Amazon

You thought these mattresses were cheap; what’s the reason behind them? And the reason is that the cost of manufacturing coir mattresses is low, which helps you with your back pain. That’s why many people buy this. And this one is also within a good budget.

Centuary has made the coir mattress in India for a long time. With this coir mattress, you’ll also get a two-year product warranty. There are no harmful chemicals in this coir mattress. Also, this mattress comes with better airflow functionality, which increases the breathability of the mattress. As a result, you get more durability.

A jacquard fabric cover is also used on this mattress, which keeps your mattress clean because it works like an anti-dust coating. To make this coir mattress yours, click the link given below now.

Pros and Cons:


  • No harmful chemicals Used
  • High-quality Indian product
  • Breathable and Hygenic coir mattress


  • We can’t roll, bend, or fold the mattress

5. Springtek Coir Bond Mattresses

Springtek Coir Bond Mattresses
Image Credit: Amazon

This coir mattress is made from a premium knitted fabric, which gives the mattress a premium feel and makes it a premium coir mattress. With the help of knitted fabric, the coir mattress can also breathe easily and provide the right temperature for your body and bed.

Springtek provides its customers with a four-year warranty. This coir mattress is also one of India’s most durable coir mattresses. In this coir mattress, natural and rubberized coir is used, and the benefit is that you’ll get good back support and correct posture according to your body.

Springtek’s coir mattresses are 100% eco-friendly. They didn’t use any harmful chemicals while making this. We have left the buying link for this product below.

Pros and Cons:


  • Four years of warranty
  • 100% eco-friendly coir mattress
  • Premium Knitted Fabric is used in this coir mattress
  • Made with Natural Rubberised Coir


  • You have to rotate this mattress every 3 months

6. Duroflex Durobond Mattress Review NXT Coir

Duroflex Durobond NXT
Image Credit: Amazon

Duroflex is made from high-quality natural coir. This coir mattress can give you better support, comfort while sleeping, and relief from back pain with the help of Duroflex’s orthopedic technology. That’s why we put it on our list of the best orthopedic coir mattresses in India.

Duroflex gives you a five-year warranty on this product, comparable to any brand in the Indian market of coir mattresses it is more. You can easily use this coir mattress from both sides. Duroflex made this coir mattress as durable as possible for their customers. This coir is made from natural coir, which keeps your mattress cool and allows it to get good air circulation.

With good air circulation, your coir mattress stays hygienic even after extended usage. You can check the current price of this mattress by following the link provided.

Pros and Cons:


  • Double-Sided Usage with Ease
  • Used firm and naturally cooling coir
  • Five years of warranty on the product
  • Best for back support


  • Little bit costly

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7. Coirfit Magic Mattress Rubberised Coir

Coirfit Magic 4.5-inch Queen Size
Image Credit: Amazon

This Coirfit coir mattress also comes at an affordable price. You can use this coir mattress from both sides, which is a good thing and makes this the best coir mattress in India. Coirfit provides its customers with a three-year product warranty, which is appreciable in this price range.

Coirfit is positioned in this list because this coir mattress brand allows you to customize your coir mattress according to your requirements. If you also want a coir mattress that you can customize according to your needs, then you should consider this brand because no other brand provides this facility at this price range in the coir mattress industry.

Coirfit is a reputed brand working since 1986 in the coir mattress industry. Below is the link available to get this product at a reasonable price.

Pros and Cons:


  • Three years of warranty
  • You can customize your mattress according to you
  • You can use this from both sides
  • Budget-friendly coir mattress


  • No cons found

8. Kurl-On Mattress for Firm Support

Kurl-On Mattress
Image Credit: Amazon

Who doesn’t know Kurl-On when it comes to mattresses? It has 60 years of legacy in the mattress industry. Kurl On’s coir mattress is specially designed for better sleep. This coir mattress has less weight, so if you want to change it from one room to another, it’s easy for you.

Kurl On only uses high-density foam layers to provide their customers with optimum support and comfort, making this the best coir mattress. Kurl-On mattresses are made from a multi-layer construction, including a Pu foam quilt, rubberized coir, and Str8 pad.

This helps their customers relieve back, neck, and shoulder pain since Kurl-On mattresses are made from coconut husk. This helps you keep warm in the winter and cool your body in the summer. Check out the current price of this coir mattress below.

Pros and Cons:


  • Firm back support
  • Designed for better sleep
  • Perfect and breathable fabric
  • Temperature control functionality


  • Only two years of warranty

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Buying Guide For the Best Coir Mattress

There are many points you should consider before buying a mattress. That’s why we also mention some top considerations before buying any mattress. And we made those points in the past. You can look at this mattress-buying guide to know more.

Conclusion About the Best Coir Mattress in India

Finally, if you are looking for the best coir mattress in India, Then it’ll be the best investment of your life because coir mattresses are made with natural ingredients and are 100% eco-friendly.

Also, coir mattresses come at budget-friendly prices. Most of the manufacturers I listed in the above section are from India. Coir mattresses are a good option if you want to invest in your health and get better sleep because they help relieve pain from back, neck, and shoulder pain. There are multiple sizes available for each coir mattress listed.

You can choose the size of the mattress according to your needs. Choose the best coir mattress in India according to your needs and get better sleep at night. Please share this article with those going through back pain and a sleepless night.

FAQs: Best Coir Mattress in India

Which coir mattress is best?

In this list, we wrote about the eight best coir mattresses in India. Duroflex Back Magic is one of the best coir mattresses among them.

Which mattress is best coir or foam?

There is no direct answer to this because it depends on a person’s preference. Some people may find a coir mattress best, and others may find foam better.

Is a coir mattress good for summer?

They are best for the summer and winter also because they are made from coconut husk, which gives you warmth in the winter and keeps you cool in the summer.

Is a coir mattress better than foam?

If I tell you according to the people’s preference, it is. Many people prefer a coir mattress over foam when they have back pain.

Which is the best 6-inch coir mattress in India?

Duroflex Back Magic is the best option available in India if you are looking for a 6-inch coir mattress in India.

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