Sleepyhead Mattress Review | Sleepyhead Mattress Price List

While it may seem obvious that a decent mattress is essential for restful sleep, it also serves many other purposes. It lowers our stress and anxiety levels is healthy for both the body and mind and enhances the overall quality of our lives.

Sleepyhead mattress earns the top spot in India because it uses high-quality materials and durability. Unlike other mattresses, it is reliable, long-lasting, and comfortable.

Problems You May Face With Normal Mattress Company

There are some common problems you must deal with if you use a poor-quality mattress. And it worsens when you know that you can’t repair it.

  • Compressed mattress
  • Saggy mattress causing back pain
  • Broken spring
  • The foam of the mattress smells eve

If you’re noticing any of these mattress problems, trust us, you need a new mattress. Please don’t settle for a lousy one; it can lead to many severe health issues. Finding a mattress that fits your needs, preferences, and budget while still being comfortable, supportive, and long-lasting can be challenging with many brands. But don’t worry; we are here to aid you in making the right choice. A sleepy mattress provides the ideal support and comfort while maintaining the body’s natural posture and spinal alignment, significantly improving sleep quality.

Things To Keep In Mind While Buying A Sleepyhead Mattress

Mattress plays a vital role in your health. If you don’t know how to choose an ideal one, we suggest you read the following important factors while buying a new mattress.

Comfort level: The first thing you must consider in a mattress is its comfort level. Always remember that your health and comfort come first. Everyone has a different comfort level, so don’t choose blindly if someone tells you it’s good.

Size: Figure out the size of your bed, then buy one.

Brands: There are several brands producing mattresses. We sincerely advise you not to trust everyone blindly; it’s for your good. Maybe you can get a better option in the lower-level brand.

Body posture: Too firm and too soft is bad for you. It would help if you looked for that is strong enough to support your spine correctly and doesn’t cause poor posture. So, it would be better to test it first by laying and sitting.

Budget: Mattress comes costly, so you make a budget you are willing to pay.

Warranty: The guarantee must be considered when looking for other qualities in a mattress. The warranty should be as long as possible. Don’t settle for less.

In this sleepyhead mattress review guide, we have covered detailed information about the sleepyhead mattress, along with the sleepyhead mattress price and ins and outs of the sleepyhead mattress buying process. This sleepyhead mattress reviews guide includes all the key topics that one should be aware of before buying a sleepyhead mattress.

Let’s get going. But before that, we want your full attention on this sleepyhead mattress review to read carefully and thoroughly. And also we listed a detailed review of Wakefit mattress that you can read.

List of Top 4 Best Sleepyhead Mattresses In India:

1Best overall sleepyhead mattressSleepyhead Original – 3 Layered Medium Firm Orthopedic Memory Foam Mattress
2Best premium sleepyhead mattress onlineSleepyhead Flip – Dual-Sided High-Density Foam Mattress
3Best budget-friendly sleepyhead mattressSleepyhead Sense – BodyIQ Orthopedic Memory Foam Mattress
4Best comfortable sleepyhead mattress onlineSleepyhead Laxe – 100% Natural Pincore Latex Mattress

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1. Sleepyhead Original – 3 Layered Medium Firm Orthopedic Memory Foam Mattress

Sleepyhead Original Mattress
Img Credit: Amazon

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Sleepyhead mattress is the top leading mattress brand in India. Sleepyhead mattress is perfect, comfortable, supportive, and can adjust quickly to a sleeping position. Sleepyhead orthopedic mattress has a three-layer medium-firmness level. Sleepyhead mattress has advanced sleep technology that offers peaceful and comfortable sleep.

The sleepyhead mattress has three layers of foam that offer comfort. Additionally, it includes high resiliency foam that conforms to your body while you sleep, preventing you from sinking into the mattress.

The foam of the sleepyhead mattress supports motion isolation and relieves body pressure. Just underneath the memory foam, there is high-density foam, which is in charge of offering both core support and orthopedic support. The foam, the final layer, prevents the mattress from becoming soiled.

The weight of the sleepyhead mattress is around 18.4 kilograms and has a width of 6 inches. This sleepyhead mattress is reliable for its long-term warranty as this sleepyhead mattress comes with a 10-year warranty.

Sleepyhead mattress price is also fair enough for a mattress with body orthopedic memory Foam and multilayered foam for support. So, if you want value for your money, this sleepyhead mattress should be your first choice.


  • Ten years warranty
  • Value for your money


  • Due to the material being entirely foam, it absorbs a lot of heat.

2. Sleepyhead Flip – Dual-Sided High-Density Foam Mattress

Sleepyhead Flip Mattress
Img Credit: Amazon

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This Sleepyhead mattress has dual firm and soft sides. You can flip it according to your preference. Each side comes with high-density foam that adjusts to your body perfectly. The sleepyhead mattress’s soft side cushions your upper body while firming under the hips and lower back to keep your spine in the proper position.

Its durable foam base underneath adds more firmness and support so that your sleepyhead mattress doesn’t sag under your weight. A Sleepyhead mattress can endure a great deal of weight. This sleepyhead mattress fits the needs, which is why it is India’s top choice for all types of sleepers. This dual-side mattress serves most combination sleepers and couples as well. This one is the best mattress for hot sleepers, its also has pocketed coil support cores that circulate air to maintain the inner temperature.

The high-density foam sleepyhead mattress comprises 182.8 cm in length, 121.92 cm in width, and 12.7 cm in height. Moreover, The sleepyhead mattress trial lasts 100 days, allowing users to see how well it works. So, if you live in India and are looking for a comfortable premium mattress, you must try this sleepyhead mattress. It is not only equipped with high-quality material and durability, but the sleepyhead mattress price also fits everyone’s budget.


  • It comes with both firm and soft sides.
  • Perfect for the hot sleeper
  • Durable
  • It comes in two colors. It’s good news for those who complain about mattresses only having one white color.


  • Only five years warranty

3. Sleepyhead Sense – BodyIQ Orthopedic Memory Foam Mattress

Sleepyhead Sense Mattress
Img Credit: Amazon

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If you are looking for a budget-friendly king-size orthopedic mattress, this sleepyhead mattress is a perfect option currently available. The Sleepyhead mattress price is very reasonable, which makes it a worth buying option.

Orthopedic mattresses are typically firm, which some people may find uncomfortable. If this also applies to you, the Sleepyhead mattress may be the best option. Sleepyhead mattress king size gives a better diving depth than comparable beds. Given that it offers little resistance, we advise this mattress for side sleepers.

Additionally, phase change cooling (PCM) technology distributes and absorbs your body heat while you sleep to keep you at a suitable temperature. Sleepyhead mattress comes with three orthopedic foam zones contouring to each pressure point to maintain the proper alignment of your spine. Its high-density memory foam relieves pressure and wraps your body in comfort.

You’ll experience a hug-like sensation from the mattress’ several layers of comfort. It’s possible to use a layer of support, comfort foam, memory foam, or cooling foam. The sleepyhead mattress offers a night’s sleep like no other because of its comfort, softness, and cooling technology.


  • Breathability Responsive memory foam
  • Breathable fabric


  • The chemical odor lasts a few days after it expands to its original shape.

4. Sleepyhead Laxe – 100% Natural Pincore Latex Mattress

Sleepyhead Laxe Mattress
Img Credit: Amazon

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A sleepyhead mattress has many benefits. But the most significant is its firm support due to the latex foam layer which is available in this mattress. The mattress does not disintegrate over time. Therefore, the sleepyhead mattress offers a 10-year warranty on this mattress. It has held its shape for many years.

Sleepyhead mattress is also incredibly responsive and comfy. It bounces back into shape when you get off the bed. Additionally, latex mattresses are the best choice for hot sleepers. This is so it won’t trap that heat in the mattress because latex is a permeable material.


  • Super comfy
  • Pain relief
  • High durability


  • Quite heavy but easy to handle

Final Note on Sleepyhead Mattress Review

Whether a sleepyhead mattress single bed or a sleepyhead mattress king size, Sleepyhead has never had the wrong track. If you plan on buying a comfortable premium mattress, go for a sleepyhead mattress without wasting time. This article includes all the information you require regarding the sleepyhead mattress in India. You can also read about the Duroflex mattress for comparison purposes.

FAQs About The Sleepyhead Mattress Review

Is Sleepyhead a good brand?

Sleepyhead is a good brand, without any doubt.

Is Sleepyhead an Indian brand?

Yes, Sleepyhead is an Indian brand famous for its high-quality and comfortable mattress.

Who manufactures Sleepyhead mattresses?

The Comfort Group manufactures sleepyhead mattresses.

Can I wash the Sleepyhead mattress?

Yes, you can wash the sleepyhead mattress. Follow the wash care directions for cleaning after carefully removing the outer fabric cover.

How to clean a sleepyhead mattress?

The detachable cover of the Sleepyhead mattress makes washing it simple. Use a non-bleach detergent only. Dry cleaning is an option but not required. Hand washing is necessary for the mattress wadding pad. In most cases, shaking and ventilating are sufficient to clean the bumper tube. Use a washing bag for cleaning the pipe. The tube must be tumble dried at low or medium heat when wet. Then, to restore shape, fluff or shake it by hand. Lay flat to dry if it’s still a little moist.

Which sleepyhead mattress is best?

The Sleepyhead latex mattress is the best. The latex mattress gives coziness to meet your sleep needs. Their price is also reasonable. Moreover, it comes with ten years of warranty. The Sleepyhead latex mattress is unquestionably a mattress option to think about if you’re shopping for a new one.

How to fold a sleepyhead mattress?

1. To bend the sleepyhead mattress, do so horizontally.
2. To prevent scuffing, keep the inside of the sleepy head mattress amazon facing out.
3. Ensure that the mattress base’s top and bottom are touching.
4. To prevent it from opening once folded, strengthen it with straps or ratchet tie-downs.

How to return a sleepyhead mattress?

The sleepyhead mattress offers a 100-day trial period. However, it is hassle-free to return an item and receive a refund. Only Sleepyhead mattresses that are received damaged or defective are eligible for returns. Within seven days of receiving the package, call the seller to make a return request. They will communicate everything to you via email. You receive reimbursement to your account in 5 to 6 business days after the mattress has been picked up.

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