Best Refrigerator Under 20000 In India (2023)

Are you looking for the best refrigerator under 20000 in India? If yes, Then you are at the right place. As is apparent, The fridge market in India is not small. And Samsung works wonders When it comes to Refrigerators, but it is no less than a guru when it comes to home appliances. This article includes refrigerators suitable for small families and also numerous features. Read on to find out what suits you and find out the best refrigerator under 20000.

Why bother sorting through hundreds of refrigerators on the basis of specification? We have hand-picked some of the best Samsung refrigerators you can find. Keep on reading and find the perfect refrigerator best suited to your needs.

List Of Best Refrigerator Under 20000


Best fridge for 2 to 3 people

Samsung 192 L 2 Star Direct Cool Single Door Refrigerator


Best fridge for lowest energy consumption 

Samsung 198 L 5 Star Inverter Direct-Cool Single Door Refrigerator


Best medium-sized fridge for an affordable price

Samsung 230 L 3 Star Inverter Single Door Refrigerator


Best medium-sized fridge for large freezer space

Samsung 253 L 3 Star with Inverter Double Door Refrigerator


Best for retaining chill for up to 9 hours

Samsung 255 L 3 Star Inverter Direct Cool Single Door Refrigerator

Problems With Ordinary Fridges Which Comes Under 20000

As with all products, no one is perfect. Some may seem they excel in all respects, but that is make-believe. This is why, when choosing the best, you must not overlook the downsides. Here, we have gathered some problems you might face when operating a fridge. Ordinary compressors with a limited lifespan.


  • The very short tenure of the warranty
  • Direct cooling may cause a problem with ice accumulation.
  • Not enough space.
  • Transportation may cause dents in the fridge.


We want the best for you and that’s why we bring list of the best refrigerator under 20000. There is no shortage of refrigerator companies, but Samsung is one of the most recognized names. That is why we have gathered a list of the best Samsung fridges. And, because of the above problems, we opted only for those Samsung fridges that clear-cut avoided them. We also did not forget the budget-friendliness to optimize the list for you.

Things to Consider While Buying The Best Refrigerator Under 20000

Here is a list of factors you should not overlook when looking for a fridge under 20000.



You must check the compressor quality of a fridge. It is one of the essential parts of fridges. A compressor can either be an ordinary or a digital inverter. A digital inverter elevates your experience by keeping your food fresh for longer.




You must pay attention to the tenure of the warranty. The compressors usually have a 10-year warranty, lengthier than the whole product. But if you think it is short, you step with care. What if the fridge malfunctions after the warranty expire?


Defrosting System


The defrosting system is not a big problem, but with a direct cool feature, it becomes annoying. You have to defrost the accumulated ice in the freezer every three days. If it comes to that, go for frost-free or automatic defrost fridges.




The capacity depends upon your requirements. If you have a small family, single-doored fridges of about 200 liters will do. But if the family is larger, opt for the 450-liter fridges or more.


Energy Star


The Energy Star indicates how much electricity the fridge consumes. It is measured on a scale of 5, with the 5th-rated fridge consuming the least energy.

Detailed Review of Refrigerators Under 20000 Rupees in India

In this section, our experts will provide you with a detailed review of the best refrigerator under 20000 in India. Which helps you to decide which refrigerator is a perfect fit for your home or kitchen.

1. Samsung 192 L 2 Star Direct Cool Single Door Refrigerator

Samsung Refrigerator 192 l
Img Credit: Amazon
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This Samsung fridge is small in size and designed for a family of 3. It is very light, weighing around 30 kg. Although it looks small in scope, it is very spacious inside. It has a 167-liter refrigerator and a 25-liter freezer, for 192 liters. In addition to its elegant and appealing design, this Samsung refrigerator includes an in-built stabilizer. And its 2-star Energy Star rating allows it to work not only on smart inverters but also on solar panels. It runs on 203 kWh of energy per year. This makes it the best refrigerator under 20000 available.

This fridge comes with a 1-year warranty on the entire product and 10 years on the compressor. Upon any up and down in electricity, the Samsung fridge shuts off the power. No fear of fuses or scary explosions. There is no better option for a small family looking to buy a cheap yet robust refrigerator.

  • Lightweight
  • Is spacious from the inside.
  • Operates in an energy-efficient manner.
  • Perfect for a small family of 3
  • Manual defrosting system.
  • The freezer’s chill escapes when opening the door.
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2. Samsung 198 L 5 Star Inverter Direct-Cool Single Door Refrigerator

Samsung Refrigerator 198 l
Img Credit: Amazon
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This single-door Samsung fridge has a 174-liter refrigerator and a 23-liter freezer capacity. It adds to a total of 198 liters. This Samsung fridge has a drawer for vegetables that do not need refrigeration. So, if you have a small nuclear family that needs a bit more fridge space, this Samsung fridge is a good choice.

The entire Samsung fridge has a one-year, and the compressor has a 10-year warranty. And the compressor is not any random one, it is a digital inverter compressor. One that cools the content according to need and saves energy. That’s why it can stay on our list of the best refrigerator under 20000.

Also, this Samsung refrigerator has a 5-rated Energy Star. Its annual energy consumption is around 104 kWh. When compared to the previous Samsung fridge, it is value for money. Because it consumes some 200 kWh of energy per year. This Samsung fridge can run on smart connect inverters and solar panels too. With extra space, this Samsung fridge is a must-have for small families who need value for their money.

  • 198-liter space.
  • Runs on solar and smart inverters.
  • Extra compartment for dry vegetables.
  • 5-rated Energy Star.
  • Consumes 104kWh energy per year.
  • Manual defrosting.
  • The sides may overheat at first.
  • A bit heavier.
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3. Samsung 230 L 3 Star Inverter Single Door Refrigerator

Samsung Refrigerator 230 l
Img Credit: Amazon
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This fridge is better in some ways and worse in others. With 32 liters of extra capacity, this Samsung fridge has a total room of 230 liters. Which comprises the 205-liter refrigerator and 25-liter freezer space. This makes the Samsung fridge suitable for a family of 3, as they now have much more space. This Samsung fridge’s price is INR 18,000. This Samsung fridge, too, has 1 drawer and 2 shelves.

The entire Samsung refrigerator has a 1-year and the compressor a 10-year warranty. Its digital inverter compressor makes it energy efficient, noiseless, and more durable. The Samsung fridge can run on home inverters and solar panels, too. It has a 3-rated Energy Star, which is pretty good considering it uses about 203kWh of electricity. That’s why we put this on our list of the best refrigerator under 20000.

Its metallic gray color, along with its island handle, gives the Samsung fridge a modern look. It has solidly built, with a horizontal line on the door to give your kitchen a more polished appearance.

  • It has a 230-liter capacity.
  • It makes little to no noise.
  • 3-rated Energy Star.
  • It consumes 203kWh of energy per year.
  • Manual defrosting by pressing a button.
  • Having no rear legs makes it somewhat off-balance.
  • The ice doesn’t completely defrost.
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4. Samsung 253 L 3 Star with Inverter Double Door Refrigerator

Samsung Refrigerator 253 l
Img Credit: Amazon
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This Samsung fridge double-door has a 69-liter freezer and 184-liter refrigerator room, for a total of 253-liter. It has a 10-year warranty on the compressor and a 1-year on the entire Samsung fridge. Also, this Samsung fridge’s digital inverter compressor adjusts its cooling as needed. This aspect makes the fridge work more efficiently and with less noise.

This Samsung fridge has slide-able shelves. It also has a movable ice maker. Even if it is repeatedly opened the Samsung fridge has a compartment that keeps its content cool. And the cold packs of the Samsung fridge keep food frozen for up to 12 hours. This one has an automatic defrost system, so there will be no ice accumulation. To prevent any odors from inside the Samsung fridge, the deodorizer eliminates them. Besides, the fridge has a powerful cooling system that freezes the contents very fast. Its vents provide all-around cooling. The LEDs illuminate the contents at low power consumption.

The control panel on this Samsung fridge allows you to adjust the temperature of the fridge. Also, leaving the fridge door ajar for more than two minutes activate the fridge. Despite all these features, the Samsung fridge consumes a total of 193kWh per year for INR 32,000. It is a 3-rated Energy Star fridge and is value for money. This is a suitable option if you are looking for the best refrigerator under 20000.

  • Consumes 193kWh per year.
  • Is a 3-rated Energy Star.
  • Coolness is adjustable with the help of a display panel.
  • Has 253 liters of space.
  • Less refrigerator capacity than the previous Samsung fridge.
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5. Samsung 255 L 3 Star Inverter Direct Cool Single Door Refrigerator

Samsung Refrigerator 255 l
Img Credit: Amazon
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This Samsung fridge single door comes in a variety of colors. But the pebble blue fridge, sleek chrome handle, and horizontal metal strip on the steel door make this Samsung refrigerator stand out.
There are 230 liters of space in the fridge and 25 liters in the freezer, for a total of 255 liters. The base stand with this Samsung fridge can store food that does not need refrigeration. The single-door refrigerator has extra storage space for vegetables. It also has a divider for plastic bags and a separate rack for water bottles.

The digital inverter technology makes this Samsung fridge run with greater efficiency. This Samsung fridge can keep it cool for up to 9 hours in case of a power cut. The warranty is 1 year on the entire product and 10 years on the compressor. That is why this is the best refrigerator under 20000. This Samsung fridge has an inbuilt deodorizer that eliminates any odors. It is a 3-rated Energy Star and consumes around 172 kWh of electricity yearly. The fridge can also work on smart connect inverters and solar panels.

  • It has a total space of 255 liters.
  • It has a base stand drawer.
  • Problem with ice accumulation.
  • Its fabric is not entirely of cotton.
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Conclusion Of This Best Refrigerator Under 20000 in India

Whether you have a large or small family, we have included all of the refrigerator models you may require while staying under a 20,000 budget. Samsung is no small brand, and it is reputable in the production of electronic appliances. That is why you should go through this article to find what you are looking for. I can assume that after reading this article you’ll find your best refrigerator under 20000.

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How to set the temperature in Samsung convertible fridge in summer?

Convertible fridges have a display panel of temperatures ranging from 1 to 7 degrees. If it is summer, switch to 1 degree to increase the cooling.

How to defrost a Samsung fridge?

Press and hold the Fridge and Power Freeze for about 10 seconds. After a beep, hold the Fridge button to activate defrosting.

There are many Samsung fridge models with varying buttons. If your fridge doesn’t have the above buttons read this to find out how to defrost your Samsung fridge model.

How to reset the Samsung fridge?

Most Samsung fridges have power freeze and power cool buttons. Press and hold them together for about 30 seconds or so. This should do the trick. If not, try unplugging the fridge. Or search for any error codes online that the fridge may be showing.

How to convert the Samsung freezer into a fridge?

Press the Freezer to Fridge or the Temp button on the control panel for about 3 seconds. This will convert the freezer into a fridge.

How to turn off the freezer in the Samsung fridge?

Either unplug the cord or press and hold the Freezer and Power Freeze button to switch the fridge to Demo Mode. This will turn off the fridge’s cooling function.

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