8 Best Air Cooler Without Water in India (May 2024)

Are you searching for the Best Air Cooler Without Water? You’ll get all the details in this article. We all know that everyone wants to cool off in their homes on these hot summer days. But many people can’t afford Air conditioners because of their price or hefty electric bills. And in this situation, the air cooler comes in.

That’s why we talked with our experts and told them to pick some of the best air cooler without water. After doing a lot of research and testing many air coolers or tower fans, They picked the top 8 air coolers without water with unique features and elegant designs that look perfect in every household.

In this article, we listed them and discussed each unique feature that makes them the best air coolers in India. We also wrote about the pros and cons of those cooler fans without water. And that thing will help you decide which is perfect for you. So let’s look at the article to get to know it better.

List of Top 8 Best Air Cooler Without Water in India

Sl No.Air Cooler NameBuying Link
1.Bajaj Tempesta 80 WView Product
2.Bajaj Snowvent Tower FanView Product
3.Symphony Bladeless Technology Tower FanView Product
4.Deco Air Tower Elegant Indoor FanView Product
5.Russell Hobbs RTF 4800 Tower FanView Product
6.Impex Twister Plus Tower FanView Product
7.IBELL High-Speed Tower FanView Product
8.Philips CX 5535/11 Tower FanView Product

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Quick Pick Section For the AC Cooler Without Water

We know that most people have little time in their busy schedules. That’s why we added this quick-pick section to our article. And in this section, we want to tell you that. Suppose you are in a hurry and want to listen to the name of the best air cooler without water.

Then it’ll be Bajaj Tempesta 80 W. You can buy this without any second thought. You’ll see it in the section below if you want to read its complete and detailed review.

Detailed Review of the Room Cooler Without Water

In this section, We provide a detailed review of each air cooler. To write this genuine, detailed review, our experts and some team members used those listed tower fans in their homes.

Only after that can we provide you with a list of the room coolers without water in India. Please read them carefully to get your desired tower fan cooler without water at the best price range.

1. Bajaj Tempesta 80 W, Remote Control Tower Fan

Bajaj Tempesta 80 W | best air cooler without water

The Bajaj Tempesta 80 W remote control tower fan is a slim floor fan. And this Bajaj air cooler without water is easy to install and operate. That’s why it’s the best air cooler without water. It also has a free-standing plastic material designed for high-air delivery. This Bajaj Tempesta can move or oscillate up to 70 degrees.

The Bajaj Tempesta has remote control operation with 24-hour pre-set timer availability, making it the best air cooler in India. They provide a double-sided washable filter to clean the air-contaminated particles from the air cooler. With this air cooler fan without water, you’ll also get a premium design that delivers 300 CMH of air at 4 different speed levels for your modern home.

And this thing cools down your room or place through its increasing evaporative cooling rate. So, its instant, strong, and comforting air flow helps the room cool down in less time. Unlike other air coolers, this Bajaj air cooler has a classy, quirky, and elegant design.


  • There is a touch-panel control feature in this modern air cooler.
  • For more convenience, It displays the room temperature.
  • Revolutions per minute counted to 1600 RPM.
Pros and Cons:


  • Instant cooling and comforting air flow
  • Easy to clean.
  • Easy to install


  • It doesn’t control noise very well.
  • Expensive

2. Bajaj Snow Vent 220-230 Volt Tower Fan

Bajaj Snowvent 220-230 Volts Tower Fan

Are you feeling humid and looking for an AC cooler without water filter system? Look at this Bajaj Snow Vent 220-230 volt tower fan. This cool grey blower tower fan has a corded electrical power source. This wall-mount type button controlling an air cooler is perfect for keeping it in a room or living room.

There is no remote control system, but you can control it using the button. Bajaj Snow room coolers without water have an indigenous design with a rust-free or corrosion-resistant life. A blower must have sufficient and efficient airflow speed from such an air cooler.

Moreover, it has an ergonomic control panel for controlling the cooler’s speed and swing movement. The power used by the air cooler is around 150 watts. It has stabilized thermoplastic, Acrylonitrile, Butadiene, and Styrene material types for the aesthetic functioning of such air coolers.

It also has a 1-year warranty from the purchase date to avoid future expenses and issues. Check out this article, if you want to buy the best high-speed ceiling fan 1400 mm.


  • There is an Ergonomic Control panel to control the speed and swing.
  • It comes with an efficient operating system with two different buttons.
  • It has a sturdy indigenous design for tower stability.
Pros and Cons:


  • Light weighted
  • Portable
  • High Air Delivery


  • No remote-controlling system
  • Noisy functioning.

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3. Symphony Surround High-Speed Air Cooler

Symphony Surround Tower Fan

A low-power fan or cooler is the most usable and suitable room cooler in the summer without water. A Symphony cooler without water is the most suitable room cooler for instant cooling, chilling, and humid relief during the hot summer. This symphony cooler is a free-standing, button-controlling plastic type of cooler.

This symphony cooler has bladeless technology and a brushless electric motor design to safeguard the kids while they touch it. Due to its premium-quality material and low Power Consumption, it saves on electricity bills, even mid-summer. The modern and new design of this symphony air cooler consumes power at 135 watts of voltage.

As well, this tower cooler without water even functions efficiently on inverters. This small air cooler has a powerful air throw, innovative technology, and a design that passes air through its outlet. It ensures the kid’s safety and protection first. That’s why we called it the air cooler without water.

Moreover, its dust filter helps the air cooler remove dust or dirt particles from this tower fan. The dust filter installed in this modern air cooler helps to give you clean and purifying air.


  • Their knob control panel helps to change the settings as per the requirements.
  • It has a powerful air volume of 650 cubic meters per hour.
  • You’ll get a powerful brushless electric motor for high-speed airflow.
Pros and Cons:


  • Low power consumption
  • Easy and convenient settings
  • Comfortable with minimal effort and an elegant look


  • Produces disturbance during oscillation
  • It takes work to assemble its parts.

4. Deco Air Tower Elegant Indoor Fan with Remote

Deco Air Tower Elegant Indoor Fan

Deco Air Tower’s elegant indoor fan with a remote-control system is the air cooler without water. This floor fan suits the kitchen, living room, dining room, and office. The Deco Air Tower fan is small and easy to carry, move, and shift from one place to another. It has a multi-functioning remote control to switch the fan or cooling system on and off.

Besides, its remote control system has 7 pre-programmed timer systems and other related functions. This Deco Air tower has an elegant, sleek, attractive indoor fan design for higher air performance. The sleek and compact look of such an air cooler provides convenience for storing it in any corner of the home and provides a cooling effect.

Due to its elegant design and cooling effect, this Deco Air tower floor fan without water is better than other AC coolers without water. This fantastic floor fan has 3-speed levels and 3 wind modes, simulating natural, slumberous, and normal wind. The airflow direction changes through its oscillating function. It has a space-saving design and a copper motor for longer life.

The power or voltage used for operating it is 35 watts. The Deco Air tower fan also has a one-year warranty from the date of buying that the manufacturer of the brand issues.


  • It’s a free-standing-type indoor tower fan.
  • Remotely controllable, functioning system.
  • It comes with a copper motor for safety and longer life.
Pros and Cons:


  • Easy to install, carry, move, and shift
  • Space-saving body
  • High-Speed air delivery


  • Sturdiness could be better.

5. Russell Hobbs RTF 4800 Tower Fan

Russell Hobbs RTF 4800 Tower Fan

Russell Hobbs’s free-standing tower fan will be perfect for any home’s interior. The slim, space-saving design makes it useful for a place without space. This tower cooler consumes only 50 W of power and has 230 volts of potential. With its versatility and speed control mode, you can adjust the airflow speed easily.

The best air cooler without water suits your home and office. The high-performance fan cools the atmosphere in the hot summer. Like most products, it also has a 3-speed mode that you can change according to your desires. It also has a timer function.

The 12-hour pre-set timer facility enabled you to set time according to need. This function saves you from unnecessary energy consumption. A cooler fan without water like this displays the room temperature. The LED light helps you check and adjust the fan’s speed even in darkness. You can also turn off the LED light, which hardly makes any noise.


  • The fan cooler can be easily controlled using a remote.
  • It has a 12-hour pre-set timer facility.
  • It’s equipped with a touch panel control and a remote control system.
Pros and Cons:


  • Excellent and attractive design.
  • 3 different speed modes
  • Portable and easy to handle.


  • Less air throw
  • Costly.

6. Impex Twister Plus Tower Fan, Powerful Air Throw

Impex Twister Plus Tower Fan

The Impex Twister Plus Tower Fan is the best tower air cooler without water. With its 60° OSCILLATION, the cooler can spread a refreshing breeze in the part of the home where it is placed. It quickly cools your room because of its effective cooling system. This product is feathered with multiple speed modes: normal, natural wind, and quiet sleep.

You can also adjust the speed of the cooler according to your needs. The Impex Twister Plus Tower fan is so stylish and designed that it takes up less space. It is easy to place it in the kitchen, bedroom, or any other area of the house.

The ergonomic remote controller and touch control panel feature make it more demanding. The airflow capacity of this tower fan is 2200 m3/h and consumes 40 W of power.


  • The product is portable and easy to use.
  • It comes with a remote-controlled operation facility.
  • The tower fan is capable of providing cool air up to 25 feet.
Pros and Cons:


  • Low power consumption
  • Easy to clean.
  • Modern and sleek design.
  • Fan speed is controllable.


  • The cooling range is limited.
  • Pretty noise.

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7. IBELL High-Speed Tower Fan

IBELL High Speed Tower Fan

Are you searching for a home cooler without water? The IBELL High-Speed Tower Fan is one of the excellent choices. It can throw air up to 25 feet, making it a powerful and effective tower fan. The sleek & stylish design makes it perfect for offices and homes.

This product consumes only 140 watts of power. Its rust-free body makes it a better choice than others. This tower fan cooler without water can deliver air at a speed of 2250 m3/hr. It has a 74 cm height, a 23 cm length, and a 28 cm width.

The fan delivers high air that helps with long air in the room. The IBELL High-Speed Tower Fan is equipped with powerful motors and a rugged blower that ensures cooling your place in less time. Along with that, you will get an 18-month warranty with this product.


  • The orchestrated swing ensures 90-degree air delivery.
  • They are made from high-quality PP plastic.
  • This tower fan consumes less power.
Pros and Cons:


  • The built-in quality is good.
  • Sturdy and robust body.
  • Easy to move and use.
  • It has a stylish and attractive design.


  • It doesn’t have a remote control system.
  • It’s a little bit noisy.

8. Philips CX 5535/11 High-Performance Air Cooler

Philips CX 553511 | best air cooler without water

When you look for the best air cooler in India, you should go to this Philips air cooler. In the Philips CX 5535, you’ll get a unique slim design that makes it convenient to use in any part of your room. With a noise level of 46 dB, it offers whisper-free operation. You can handle this air cooler at your fingertips.

All such features make it fall under the air cooler without water category. It consumes less power than any ceiling fan. Its 60° OSCILLATION can spread a refreshing breeze in all your places. This Phillips air cooler has multiple speed modes. You can adjust the airflow speed at three levels.

A 3-level versatile mode lets you adjust the speed according to your mood. A remote control facility is also available with this air cooler. You can efficiently operate it from any corner of your room. It makes it convenient to use. The product length Is 16 cm (15.4 cm), and the height is 104.8 cm. You can also check out our blog about the best silent ceiling fan in India.


  • It has 3-speed modes: Normal, Natural wind, and quiet mode.
  • This air cooler offers good coverage and a constant flow of air.
  • An aroma diffuser helps spread freshness in every corner.
Pros and Cons:


  • Easy to assemble and disassemble.
  • It comes with a touchscreen panel.
  • Very lightweight.


  • The cord length is short.
  • Quite expensive.

Things to Look for Before Buying the Tower Fan Cooler Without Water


Before buying the air cooler without water, always look at the durability or life of the tower, floor, or AC cooler. The material of the air cooler must be copper or other such material that makes it usable for a longer period.


The automatic air cooler without water must be as comfortable with airflow, space-saving, and higher air performance. Moreover, considering comfort, it should be lightweight, sleek, and compact. Easy to move, shift, and place.

Reduces Noise:

Using the best air cooler may necessitate purchasing such an air cooler for a room-temperature cooling effect. However, This cooling system must have noise-cancellation technology. The oscillation and air duct should not make noise, for sitting in front of the air cooler is comfortable without any noise or disturbance.

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Conclusion About the Best Air Cooler Without Water in India

So, finally, you are reading the conclusion. That means you’ve already decided on the best air cooler without water. Suppose you haven’t decided yet because of the question you have in mind. Then you can ask them in the comment section. And our team will try their best to provide your answer as soon as possible.

We tried to cover everything related to the best air cooler without water. That’s why we imagine you’ll get help with this content. And if you get help with this in any way, share this content with those planning to buy the air cooler without water. At last, we only want to thank you for reading this content here.

FAQs About The Air Cooler Without Water

Is an air cooler available without water?

Yes, there are many air coolers available that operate without water. You can read our complete article to learn more about these air coolers.

Which air cooler type is best?

An AC cooler without water is the best. If you are considering buying an air cooler, choose one without water.

Which air cooler is best for your budget?

The Bajaj Tempesta 80 W air cooler is the most affordable option. You can get this air cooler any day. This air cooler is one of the best ones on our list.

How many hours we can use the air cooler?

7-8 hours of continuous usage of an air cooler is enough. After this period, you should switch it off. In this way, your air cooler will work for a longer period.

Do air coolers use a lot of electricity?

If we compare an air cooler with a normal cooler or AC, it’s not. Usually, most air coolers only consume 100 to 200 watts of electricity per hour, which is not much.

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