6 Best High Speed Ceiling Fan 1400mm in India (May 2024)

Are you looking for the best high speed ceiling fan 1400mm in India? If your answer is yes, then you are in the right place. We all know that summer is here. And in this heat wave, at least we need a good fan, which can save us from this heat wave.

We have listed the 6 best 1400 mm ceiling fans in India from top brands to save you from this heat wave. This 1400 mm ceiling fan has a great mechanism and powerful motors, which can provide you with some relief this summer.

Our experts extensively researched the best high speed ceiling fan 1400mm and provided you with this list. After reading this article, we assure you that you don’t need to read any other piece to find the perfect 1400 mm ceiling fan. In this article, you can read a detailed review of each 1400 mm ceiling fan.

Not only this, but we also added essential factors that will help you choose the best ceiling fan for your home.

Are you in a hurry? Quick Pick Section for you

If you are in a hurry and don’t have time to read the complete article, we suggest you buy the Atomberg Renesa 1400mm BLDC Motor Ceiling Fan. This is one of the best high-speed ceiling fans 1400mm on our list that you can consider without any second thought.

But if you have some time and can read the detailed review, then please look at the detailed study of each fan. This way, you can choose India’s best 1400mm ceiling fan.

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List of Best High-Speed Ceiling Fans 1400mm

NoFan NameSpeedLink
1.Atomberg Renesa 1400mm BLDC Motor290 RPMView Product
2.Havells Nicola 1400mm High PerformanceN/AView Product
3.Atomberg Renesa+ 1400mm BLDC Motor290 RPM View Product
4.Crompton HIGHSPEED AURA 1400 mm Fan320 RPM View Product
5.Havells SS 390 1400mm Ceiling Fan 390 RPMView Product
6.Crompton Aura 1400 mm High Speed Fan380 RPMView Product

This section lists the 6 1400mm ceiling fan price and their buying link. This will take you to the e-commerce website, where you can check the latest price of those high speed ceiling fans 1400mm and buy them.

In the below section of this article, you can read a detailed review of the best 1400 mm ceiling fans in India. And if you want to read about the things you should consider before buying the 1400mm ceiling fan 400 rpm online.

You can also read about them in the section below. So, keep reading this article till the end to get a better ceiling fan.

Detailed Review of the Best 1400 Mm Ceiling Fan in India

You can read a detailed review of each ceiling fan in this section of our article. These reviews contain the details of each ceiling fan’s features, functionalities, pros, and cons. So, please read this section carefully to choose the 1400 mm ceiling fan.

1. Atomberg Renesa 1400mm BLDC Motor 5 Ceiling Fans

Atomberg Renesa 1400mm BLDC Motor | best high speed ceiling fan 1400mm

On top of our list of the best high speed ceiling fan 1400 mm, we took the Atomberg Renesa 1400mm BLDC motor ceiling fan, rated with 5-star energy efficiency ratings.

Because of its 5-star energy rating, it reduces 65% of energy waste. It has multiple modes and features, such as boost mode, timer, sleep mode, etc. You can efficiently operate all these modes with just one click of the IR remote.

This ceiling fan is available in four color combinations: two dual tones and two single tones, such as brown, white, brown plus black, and white plus black.

This Atomberg ceiling fan comes with a modern, latest design, and it has LED lights in its center that give it a premium touch. The brand claimed that this Atomberg Renesa 1400 mm BLDC motor ceiling fan could run 3 times better than an ordinary fan.

Atomberg provides a two-year warranty from the date of purchase. Also, you will get an additional one-year warranty if you register your purchase on their official website.

So, if you are looking for the best 1400 mm ceiling fans in India, this Atomberg Renesa 1400 mm ceiling fan can be the best option.


  • You can control this with its IR remote.
  • LED lights in its middle.
  • This is rated 5 stars.
Pros and Cons:


  • BLDC motor that consumes less electricity
  • It can run three times better on a home inverter.
  • 2 years onsite plus a 1-year extended warranty are provided.


  • The IR remote can only be operated up to 20 feet.

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2. Havells Nicola 1400mm High-Performance Fan

Havells Nicola 1400mm High Performance Fan

If you are looking for a high-speed ceiling fan 1400 mm category, then I must say that your search is over. The Havells Nicola 1400 mm high-performance fan comes in five different styles and four different sizes, which you can see from the link given above, or you can visit their official website.

This Havells fan is equipped with HPLV technology. HPLV stands for high-pressure, low volume. If I put it this way, it can be said that this fan can provide consistent airflow in every situation.

Now let’s talk about its design. It has a strong metal build with a glossy metallic finish that enhances the beauty of your ceiling and gives you a classy touch. Here you will get one fan motor and blade set in its box.

If you are worried about the warranty, then don’t worry. Havells provides a 2-year extended warranty from the date of purchase.


  • HPLV technology for efficient cooling
  • Aluminum blades with a metallic coating
  • This fan can perform best at low voltages.
Pros and Cons:


  • An extended warranty period of 2 years
  • Energy efficient 
  • Copper binding


  • It cannot be controlled through the remote.

3. Atomberg Renesa+ 1400mm BLDC Motor Ceiling Fans

Atomberg Renesa+ 1400mm BLDC Motor

Here is another excellent option for the best 1400mm ceiling fan in India from the well-known brand Atomberg. We picked the Atomberg Renesa+ 1400 mm BLDC motor ceiling fan for the third position on our list of the best high speed ceiling fan 1400 mm category.

We are going to start the review with the design. It has three color combinations and textures: earth brown, golden oakwood, and pearl white.

It is also equipped with a BLDC motor like the previous one, which makes this fan more durable and energy efficient.

You can control its multiple features through its IR remote. In the middle of its finished wooden blades, you can see LED lights, which give a modern touch to its traditional premium finish.

If you live where power cuts are regular, this fan is a good choice because it performs well at low voltage and on home inverters.

This is also enabled with a 2-plus-1-year warranty; two years is a standard warranty, and the other one is extended. You can extend its warranty to 1 year by visiting their official websites. In this summer you can also buy the Best Air Cooler Without Water by reading that post.


  • The BLDC motor is there for durability.
  • IR remote control is enabled.
  • Runs at a very minimum voltage.
Pros and Cons:


  • 3-year warranty period
  • Classy wooden texture design
  • Less power consumption


  • The remote control has limitations.

4. Crompton HIGHSPEED AURA 1400 mm Fan

Crompton HIGHSPEED AURA 1400 mm Fan

When it comes to these electric items, one of the first names that comes to mind is Crompton. They are one of the largest electronic item producers in India. So, now we have the Crompton Highspeed Aura 1400 mm Fan, which is in the 1400 mm ceiling fan category.

This Crompton fan comes in two colors with a rust-free powder coating that enhances its durability and lifespan. This power consumption is only 75 watts.

The brand Crompton provides a 2-year extended warranty from the date of purchase, which is more than enough. Overall, this Crompton Highspeed Aura 1400 mm Fan can be one of the best choices if you are looking for a high speed ceiling fan 1400mm.


  • Aluminum blades that indicated premium build quality.
  • 2 years long warranty
  • The rust-free coating that prevents rust
Pros and Cons:


  • 370 RPM speed
  • Quitter operations
  • Classy looks


  • The power consumption is competitively decent.
  • Remote functions are not available.

5. Havells SS 390 1400mm Ceiling Fan

Havells SS 390 1400mm Ceiling Fan | best high speed ceiling fan 1400mm

The fifth ceiling fan is from another well-reputed brand, Havells. The Havells SS 390 ceiling fan has a simple look. Due to this, you can use it in the dining room, living room, or bedroom anywhere.

This Havells SS 390 has three aluminum blades that consume 68 watts of power. The best thing about this Havells SS 390 1400mm ceiling fan is its large blade tips that offer sufficient cooling.

Like the other manufacturers, Havells also provides a 2-year extended warranty from the date of purchase. But like each and everything, it has a few drawbacks we will discuss below.

If you want to check them out, go through the links given above.


  • This fan consumes less energy.
  • It enhances the beauty of your room.
  • Aluminum blades make them more durable.
Pros and Cons:


  • Wider blade tips
  • The price is well justified.
  • Extended warranty of 2 years


  • Button and switch control only
  • Lack of features competitively

6. Crompton Aura 1400 mm High Speed Ceiling Fan

Crompton Aura 1400 mm High Speed Fan

The last fan on our list of the best high speed ceiling fan 1400mm is a Crompton Aura 1400mm High-Speed ceiling fan with two different color combos: ivory and plain brown.

Its 380 RPM makes this ceiling fan one of the best under 1400mm ceiling fans with 400 RPM. If we talk about its in-box content, you will see a ceiling fan, blades, a set of two canopies, one down rod, an instruction manual, and a warranty card.

Due to its anti-dust technology, this Crompton Aura ceiling fan collects 50% less dust. They use 100% copper on their motors, which ensures longer life spans. It gives off a premium look due to its polished aluminum blades.

They provide a 2-year warranty period, just like the other brands.

Overall, this Crompton fan is one of India’s best options under 1400 mm ceiling fans. It would be best if you put this on your checklist.


  • Anti-dust technology that collects 50% less dust
  • This ceiling fan provides you with efficient cooling.
  • 380 RPM fast rotations
Pros and Cons:


  • Durable design
  • 100% copper is used on the motor.
  • Various features 


  • The energy consumption is below average.
  • The price is slightly higher than the others.

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Factors To Look at Before Buying the 1400mm Ceiling Fan 400 RPM

1. Motor and Power:

Whenever we find a high speed ceiling fan 1400mm, we should first look at that particular ceiling fan’s motor and power capabilities. We should buy fans with copper windings, high wattage ratings, and sealed bearings because these are the things that make our motors durable.

2. RPM (Revolution Per Minute):

If our fan has a high RPM rating, we’ll get better airflow. And that’s why we should only find ceiling fans with higher RPM because those fans have better air circulation. This means we’ll get better cooling from them in this summer’s heat wave.

3. Blade Design and Material:

Always look for aerodynamically designed blades because these blades are designed for maximum airflow. Blade designs and materials are also one of the biggest reasons for the noise level and performance of the ceiling fan. Also, always consider the ceiling fan, where they used ABS for their blades.

4. Noise Level:

Everyone is annoyed when ceiling fans make noise. But I want to tell you here that high-speed fans always make more noise than normal ones. If you don’t like that, you can read this article about the best silent ceiling fan in India.

5. Energy Efficiency:

Customers are always concerned about their home’s energy bills. But some brands are available on the market, creating energy-efficient ceiling fans. And these 1400 mm ceiling fans are one of them.

6. Airflow Efficiency:

If you want your best 1400 mm ceiling fans in India to help you keep your room cool, Then you should consider the fans that have high CFM ratings. This rating indicates the airflow efficiency or cooling performance of any high speed ceiling fan 1400mm.

7. Additional Features:

Who doesn’t love the additional features on their device? Like other devices, ceiling fans also provide extra features like remote control functionality, voice command, and many more. So, always pick ceiling fans that give you additional features like these.

8. Warranty and After-Sale Service:

Consider a reputed brand when finding a high speed ceiling fan 1400mm in India. Because if you buy a ceiling fan from a local brand, you’ll not get the after-sale service that reputable brands can give you. And mainly, look for those brands that provide a more extended warranty.

If you read this section of our article, you already know which type of ceiling fan is perfect. And our experts also know that consideration.

That’s why they also considered these points while choosing the listed 1400mm high speed ceiling. You can choose any 1400 mm ceiling fan from the above list because our experts selected all those after deep research work.

What are the Safety Considerations When Using a High-Speed 1400 mm Ceiling Fan?

Many safety concerns exist when installing a 1400 mm high speed ceiling fan. But this section lists some important considerations you shouldn’t ignore. Please read all these considerations carefully.

1. Installation by a Professional: Whenever you buy a high speed ceiling fan, please consider hiring a professional and experienced person for installation. If any mistake happens at the time of installation, then it can be dangerous.

2. Adequate Ceiling Height: Buying a 1400 mm ceiling fan requires more space in your room or any other place to operate. That’s why you should always install the high speed ceiling fan there, where you have adequate ceiling height and more space.

3. Keep a Safe Distance: If you have already installed a high speed ceiling fan in your home, please always keep a safe distance from it while it is operating. Because if you accidentally get in contact with a high-speed fan, it can harm you badly.

4. Switches and Controls: After installing the ceiling fan in your home, please verify the switches and control buttons associated with that fan. If they are faulty, then it’s getting difficult to operate them properly.

5. Regular maintenance: That’s the essential thing, and I think we already know that we should always clean our fans regularly. In this way, our ceiling fan will work perfectly for many years.

What Size of a Room is Suitable for a 1400 mm ceiling fan?

Firstly, we want to say that you can use a 1400 mm ceiling fan anywhere in your home, whether it’s your bedroom, living room, drawing room, or guest room.

We tell you this because many people think a 1400 mm ceiling fan is only for the hall, but it’s not.

best high speed ceiling fan 1400mm - Requirement

But there is only one thing you have to keep in mind. Your room size should be 144 to 245 square feet (13 to 21 square meters). This room size is suitable for a 1400 mm ceiling fan.

Conclusion About The Best High Speed Ceiling Fan 1400mm

Finally, you are reading this conclusion part of our article about the best high speed ceiling fan 1400mm. Since you are in this section, we assume you have already read the entire article. And already finds your desired 1400 mm ceiling fan.

But if you cannot find that and have any questions, you can ask them in our comment section. Our experts will try to reply to you as soon as possible.

This article lists the 6 best 1400 mm ceiling fans in India. Along with that, we also wrote a detailed review of each ceiling, which helps you decide and choose the best one for your home.

Lastly, we want to say that please share this article with those who are looking for the best 1400 mm ceiling fan.

FAQs: Best 1400 mm Ceiling Fans in India

Are high-speed ceiling fans noisy?

If you buy a 1400 mm ceiling fan, these fans will make more noise than normal ones. 

Do high-speed ceiling fans consume more energy?

Not really, But the answer is yes because if your ceiling fan operates at high speed, it needs more energy. And that’s why it consumes more power. But you can save money on energy bills if you run it at a low speed.

Can I control a high-speed ceiling fan remotely?

Many brands offer remote control functionality with their 1400 mm ceiling fans. So you can easily control a high-speed ceiling fan remotely.

Do high-speed ceiling fans come with warranties?

There are multiple brands available on the market. And many of them provide a good warranty period on their high-speed ceiling fans.

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