Daikin vs Hitachi AC: Which Brand is Best in 2024?

Do you also need clarification on Daikin vs Hitachi? If your answer is yes, then this article is for you. We all know that these two brands are the ones that build high-quality ACs. For this reason, people are always confused between Hitachi vs Daikin ACs and think about which is perfect for their home.

But now you can easily choose between a Daikin AC vs Hitachi AC. Because in this Hitachi vs Daikin AC, our experts did deep research, and only after that could we write this comparison blog for you. In this blog, we wrote about the unique features of each brand.

Along with the special features, we added a section where you can read the comparison of each brand based on particular qualities. In this way, you can find the perfect AC between a Daikin AC vs Hitachi AC.

Daikin vs Hitachi: Special Features And Specification

In this section, we will tell the special features and specifications of each AC brand. Our team wrote these features after deep research, and these specifications will help you to decide between Daikin AC vs Hitachi ac. We need to know them correctly to compare them properly.

The same goes for Daikin vs Hitachi AC. Therefore, we are discussing their specifications before making a detailed comparison between Daikin vs Hitachi Ac. So, let’s look at the specifications of these two ACs. Check this article to know the better between Haier vs Voltas AC

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Daikin AC Features In Detail

Daikin 1.5 Ton Inverter Split AC-4.7 Rated

1. Smart Operations

In some Daikin ACs, you can set the desired temperature and timer and easily control the airflow direction through mobile apps or remote. 

Some of them are enabled with voice controls so you can operate their features with your voice commands.

2. Multi-Split System

In this, you will see the multi-split system, connecting multiple indoor units with a single outdoor unit. As a result, you can cool multiple rooms together at a meager cost.

But they do have a significant drawback. It takes too much time to cool the room as the cooling capacity is distributed in multiple rooms.

3. Coanda Airflow

Coanda Airflow is a type of airflow system in which the cold air of the AC is distributed through the ceiling rather than directly.

In this Coanda Airflow system, the AC throws the cold air towards the roof, then circulates evenly to the entire room through the ceiling.

4. Intelligent EYE

This feature is quite interesting. The Intelligent Eye feature helps you to maintain your room temperature at the required while, on the other hand also allowing you to reduce your electricity bill as well.

When the room is empty, it automatically reduces its cooling power, and when one or more people enter the room, this AC starts cooling again; thus, these ACs keep the room cool and save your electricity bills.

This whole thing is done by a special sensor in it which is named Intelligent Eye.

5. Titanium Apatite Photocatalytic Air Filter

Like many other ACs, Daikin AC also has a variety of air conditioning filters. Titanium Apatite Photocatalytic Air Filter is one of them.

This Titanium Apatite Photocatalytic Air Filter can remove different impurities in the air and make it healthier.

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Hitachi AC Features In Detail

Daikin vs Hitachi

1. Penta Sensor

Hitachi’s Penta Sensor is not just a single sensor. This combination of five different sensors works together: room temperature sensor, compressor protection sensor, defrost sensor, motor overload sensor, and Ambient temperature sensor. It helps you keep cool during extreme summers.

2. Smart Controls 

Like the Daikin Ac, it also has a Smart control system. You can operate their ACs through Wi-Fi, mobile apps, remote, and voice.

However some of these features are limited to specific models.

3. iClean Technology

As the name suggests, this iClean technology is an air purification filter on Hitachi ACs. This can prevent dust and pollutants from the indoor air. 

4. Four Swing Cooling

Usually, most ACs come with a two-way air swing system that is up and down, but in terms of Hitachi ACs.

Most of their models are equipped with four-swing cooling technology, which means they can throw the cold air in four directions: up, down, right, and left.

5. iSee Technology

Hitachi’s iSee feature is very similar to Daikin’s Intelligent Eye feature. It also determines the room temperature based on the people present in the room, identical to Daikin’s Intelligent quality.

Daikin vs Hitachi AC Detailed Comparison

1. Performance

The most crucial aspect of any product is its performance. The same goes for the case of Daikin or Hitachi AC. Users buy an AC to eliminate the extreme summer heat.

In that case, Daikin ACs are much ahead of Hitachi ACs. Because Daikin ACs can cool the room up to 54 degrees, while Hitachi ACs can cool a room up to 52 degrees.

2. Energy Efficiency

After the performance, the most important thing is the power consumption or energy efficiency of a large electronic item such as an Air conditioner.

Power consumption or energy efficiency depends on multiple factors, so it is difficult to answer directly. In most cases, Daikin ACs are slightly more energy efficient than Hitachi ACs, but Hitachi ACs are not bad.

3. Air Purification Filters

There are a lot of helpful air purification filters on both of these two ACs. ISee technology works as an air purification filter on Hitachi ACs. In contrast, the Daikin AC uses Titanium Apatite Photocatalytic Air Filter, which is much more efficient than a standard air filter.

In terms of air filters, both of these two Daikin ACs vs Hitachi ACs are best. You can choose any of them from the air filter aspect.

4. Noise

One of the critical points of the AC buying guide is noise, and if we are going to differentiate the Daikin and Hitachi ACs in terms of noise, then both ACs are good. These two ACs produce less noise so you can sleep well at night.

The average noise level is 35 dB (minimum) to 40 dB (maximum) on paper which is tolerable. But Hitachi AC is slightly better than Daikin AC in it.

5. ISEER ratings

ISEER ratings, or Indian Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio, indicate the energy efficiency of an electronic item as BEE star ratings. Like the power consumption, it depends on a few aspects such as model, etc.

But comparatively, both Hitachi AC and Daikin AC have excellent ISEER ratings. However, as per a few customers, Daikin ACs are best for ISEER ratings. Suppose you want to know the best highest ISEER rating ac. Then click on that link to read in detail.

ISEER Ratings for Split ACs

Star ratingsISEER ratings
1 star3.1 min to 3.29 max
2 stars3.3 min to 3.49 max
3 stars3.5 min to 3.99 max
4 stars4.0 min to 4.49 max
5 stars4.5 or above

ISEER Ratings for Windows ACs

Star ratingsISEER ratings
1 star2.5 min to 2.69 max
2 stars2.7 min to 2.89 max
3 stars2.9 min to 3.09 max
4 stars3.1 min to 3.29 max
5 stars3.3 or above

The correlation of ISEER value with star ratings of AC is well mentioned in the above list so that you can understand it better.

6. Services

After-sale service of both these two brands is excellent. If we strictly compare the Daikin or Hitachi AC, the Hitachi AC will be the winner.

Hitachi AC is slightly better than Daikin AC, but the after-sale service depends entirely on where you live.

7. Warranty 

You will find a 1-year product warranty, 5 years PCB warranty (optional), and a 10-year warranty on the compressor in almost every AC of these two brands, so if we try to differentiate Daikin vs Hitachi AC meticulously, then you will find a slight difference between them.

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Conclusion About The Daikin vs Hitachi

Finally, you reached this section, if you are reading this section of our article about Daikin vs Hitachi AC. Then we assume you already know which AC is perfect for your home. Our team of experts gives their time to proper research on this topic. Only after that, we can write this comparison blog.

In this blog about Hitachi vs Daikin AC, we talked about the specific features and specifications both brands provide. And also some of the common things as well. On that basis, we told you which option is better for you. We hope you properly understand which AC brand is better for your home.

But if you have any related queries, then you can ask those questions in our comment section. And our experts will try to help you out as soon as possible. Also, please share this article with those needing clarification on Daikin AC vs Hitachi AC. 

FAQs: Hitachi vs Daikin AC

Which AC is the best, Daikin or Hitachi?

There is no specific answer to this question because the Daikin and Hitachi brands are the best in their way. But after writing this blog, we suggest you go with Daikin any day.

Is Hitachi better than Daikin?

Firstly, both ACs are the best. But if you are considering buying the best AC with low power consumption, you should buy Daikin.
Also, you can see that Daikin has a more extended warranty period than Hitachi. But in the end, it is all your choice to select the better AC as per your requirement and need.

Is Daikin good or not?

Daikin is the most reliable AC brand in the Indian market, with many unique features that are helpful in daily life. Also, they provide a more extended warranty period, which means you will get better after-sales service from their team.
If you need clarification and help to understand whether you should buy it, our experts suggest you go with this brand any day.

Why is Hitachi AC so expensive?

Many things make their ACs expensive. But one of the essential things is that. Their ACs come on the market after 43 different quality tests. And these quality tests make this ACs brand more expensive than others.

What is the lifespan of Daikin?

These things depend entirely on how a person uses the AC. But as we researched this topic, we found that Daikin claims that their ACs are designed and built for long years, typically ranging from 15 to 20+ years.

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