Which AC is Better Haier or Voltas in 2024

Are you confused between Haier vs Voltas? We all know that the summer season is near. Living without an air conditioner in the hot summer is very difficult. The temperature and the demand for AC are at their peak.

Several brands of ACs are available on the market, but here we will compare the two top brands. They are Haier and Voltas. However, it isn’t easy to compare Haier vs Voltas AC. Both ACs provide adequate cooling and have good quality and technology. But let’s see the difference in the below sections.

History of Haier Company

Haier Group manufactures various home appliances like refrigerators, televisions, air conditioners, water heaters, and washing machines. The company was founded in 1989.

According to Euromonitor Statics of 2003, Haier became the second-largest company offering a wide range of products. Among all products, Haier AC is one of the most demanded in the country. Haier provides good-quality, noise-free, and better-quality air conditioners at an affordable range.

History of Voltas Company

Voltas Limited, on the other hand, is an Indian-based multinational company. The company deals with home appliance products like washing machines, microwaves, dishwashers, air purifiers, air conditioners, and many more.

By market share, Voltas is the largest and best ac brand in India. Moreover, the company started on September 6, 1954, in Mumbai. Volkart Brothers and Tata Sons collaborated on the incorporation of this company.

For more details regarding the comparison between Haier vs Voltas AC, read the below article carefully.

Which AC is Better Haier or Voltas? 

This article session will discuss Haier VS Voltas AC clear differentiation. The table below will differentiate between the two brands. Both brands’ features are almost identical, but some rare differences occur. You can also check our blog for a detailed comparison of Daikin vs Hitachi.

They are discussed below. Let’s check out the table to understand both brands in detail.

Key specifications
TypeSplit Inverter ACSplit Inverter AC
Capacity1.5 Ton1.5 Ton
Power RequirementsAC 50VAC 230V, 50Hz
Star Rating3 Star3 Star
Power consumption230 W4800 W
Condenser CoilCopperCopper
ModelHaier 1.5 ton 3 Star Inverter Split AC (HSU17V-TMS3BE-INV)Voltas 1.5 Tons, 3 Star, Inverter Split AC (183V Vectra Prism)
Annual Power Consumption925. 24 Watt975. 26 Watt
Ambient60 Degree Celcius52 Degree Celcius
CompressorRotary CompressorRotary Compressor
Operating ModesTurbo Mode, Sleep ModeTurbo Mode, Sleep Mode, Energy Saver Mode
Capacity140-150 sqft111 to 150 sqft
Remote ControlYesYes
Model Name‎HSU17V-TMS3BE-INV183V Vectra Prism
Launch Year2023 2022
Indoor Unit W×B×H86.5cm x 29cm x 20cm84 cm × 29 cm × 21 cm
Out Door Unit W×B×H78cm x 54.5cm x 29.5cm83.5 cm × 55.5 cm × 29.5 cm
Indoor Unit Weight10 Kg9.5 Kg
Outdoor Unit Weight22 Kg25.5 Kg
Performance Features
Indoor Noise Level25 db47 db
Turbo ModeYesYes
Sleep ModeYesYes
Air Flow and Filter Features
Dust FilterYesYes
Anti-bacterial FeatureYesYes
Convenience Features
Self DiagnosisYesYes
Auto RestartYesYes
Sleep ModeYesYes
Child lockYesYes
Night Flow ButtonYesYes
Warranty Summary1 Year Manufacturer and 12 Years on Compressor1 Indoor Unit, 1 outdoor Unit, 1 set interconnected pipe of 3 meters for connecting indoor and outdoor, 1 set interconnecting pipes,   1 Remote, 2 AAA Remote Battery, 1 Owner Manual, 1 Indoor Mounting Plate, Plastic Sleeve+Screw for Mounting Plate
What’s In the Box1 Indoor Unit, 1 Outdoor, 1 Remote, 1 warranty Card, and 3 M-length interconnected copper pipes.1 Indoor Unit, 1 outdoor Unit, 1 set interconnected pipe of 3 meter for connecting indoor and outdoor, 1 set interconnecting pipes,   1 Remote, 2 AAA Remote Battery, 1 Owner Manual, 1 Indoor Mounting Plate, Plastic Sleeve+Screw for Mounting Plate

Haier Vs Voltas AC Differences

Cooling capacity:

Both Haier and Voltas AC have effective cooling systems when discussing cooling capacity. With supersonic cooling, the AC can cool the room within 10 seconds. Haier claims that even in 60-degree outside temperatures, their AC works perfectly.

However, Voltas claims 52 degrees. They both offer high ambient cooling for your space. Both Air conditioners include the R-32 feature. This Refrigerant technology ensures cooling by maintaining a safe environment.

Smart Features:

The features of the air conditioner are essential. Different brands offer excellent features on the market, such as Haier and Volta’s air conditioners. Both come with advanced features and are user-friendly.

Haier includes features like frost self-cleaning and supersonic cooling, saving 65% of energy. The air is also capable of flowing up to 20 meters.

Anti-bacterial filters, Anti-corrosion technology, and R-32 are other features you should count on. The AC works quietly; the noise level is just 25 dB.

On the other hand, features including anti-corrosion, supersonic cooling, self-diagnosis, and a bacterial filter are common in both. 

You can even control them through remote, wifi, and mobile applications. Voltas offers a 4-in-1 adjustable mode that is different from Haier.

Noise level:

Air conditioners offer a peaceful environment. When you select Haier or Voltas AC, both are equipped with the latest technology. But, in terms of sound, Haier has gone beyond Voltas.

Haier provides noise levels up to 25 dB. In the case of Voltas, the compressor is a little bit noisy. The noise level is up to 47. If you want a soundless air conditioner, you can go with Haier AC.


The price depends on various factors. Advanced technology, features, after-sales services, and other factors affect pricing. When you see Haier vs Voltas, Haier is more affordable than Voltas. It offers advanced features and technologies for a tight budget.

Voltas also has the same feature but is more costly than Haier. If your budget is tight, go with the Haier air conditioner. You will get the best features and technological products at an affordable rate.


Let’s talk about the condenser of both Air conditioners, as we know that the compressor is the heart of the air conditioner. In the same way, the condenser is considered its backbone. When we differentiate Haier and Voltas AC, both offer copper condenser pipes.

However, their coatings are different. In my opinion, the condenser is better in Haier than in Voltas. The Haier condenser is protected with a lacquer coating, ENIROOF PUF-103. Hence, that gives extra protection to your AC condenser.

Along with that, the translucent finish coating has a heat-resistant capacity. These two offer protection against the most challenging weather.

Haier also has 100% copper pipe. Its coating protects it from rust and corrosion. Due to the copper pipe, low maintenance is required. The durability of the product increases and offers uninterrupted cooling. Read this if you also want to know about the highest ISEER rating AC.


Talking about compressors, both brands use rotary compressors in their AC conditioners. The best part of the rotary compressor is that it has a different range of speed modes. However, in Haier, a Twin Brushless DC Rotary compressor is used.

Because it has two rotary compressors, the AC has a larger capacity and provides more balance than one rotary compressor. Apart from that, it reduces 80% of the vibration during operation. Ensures uniform torque in their split air conditioner.

When we discuss Volta’s compressor, a variable-speed compressor is equipped. Adjust and protect the head load. Highly convertible, it also adjusts 4 cooling modes. It also ensures better cooling and works effectively.


Regarding purification, if we focus on Voltas vs Haier AC, both are anti-bacterial. Haier air conditioners with micro-antibacterial filters completely clean viruses, bacteria, and harmful dust particles. Give free and fresh air to your place. It creates a healthier environment for you and your family.

On the other hand, Voltas reduce CO2 gas levels in your closed environment. The Voltas filter can remove dust, toxic gases, and other volatile organic compounds. You can go with any of them. They both offer fresh air to breathe and keep your surroundings healthier.

Build Quality:

Now it’s time to discuss the air conditioner’s built-in quality. Both brands are popular and known for offering adequate services. They both provide quality assurance and become trustworthy in the market.

You can choose anyone based on their build quality. Different models of both ACs are now available. Haier provides premium plastic quality and durable products. The sturdy and stylish construction attracts customers toward them.

The brand ensures customers that they are getting the best quality product. On the other hand, Volta’s sturdy, modern, and eye-catching design makes the customer buy their air conditioner. 

Both ACs provide an LED screen display. You can’t distinguish the two based on build quality. Both are of high quality and provide excellent features.


After the above discussion on voltas vs hair AC, it’s time to look for a warranty for both. After considering all the discussed points, the customer also looks at the warranty.

No matter what, the build quality, features, technology, and other warranties are essential. Regarding warranty, Haier air conditioners are one step ahead of Voltas. 

Haier offers a 1-year warranty on the product but a 12-year warranty on the compressor. When we look at Voltas, they offer 1 year from the manufacturer and 10 years from the inverter compressor. You can also read this to know the difference between LG vs Lloyd AC.

Conclusion on Haier Vs Voltas AC

The above contains all the details about comparing Haier vs Voltas AC. Both perform excellently and provide many features and technologies. However, there is some difference in their features, but ultimately, they both can satisfy the customer’s needs.

Both provide different models. However, in terms of vase condenser, noise level, warranty, and price, Haier is better than Voltas. On the other hand, Voltas offers 4 cooling modes and durable build quality. I believe Haier is a better option if we compare Haier vs Voltas AC, as it provides many better features at an affordable price than Voltas.

Both brands are famous and trustworthy Indian brands. Before making a final decision, check whether you need to make a purchase decision accordingly.

The table shows each detail of the products. It includes all the essential features available in the Air conditioner. Hence, you will be confused once you check the article. It will help you get all the information.

FAQs: Haier Vs Voltas AC

Which ac is best Haier or Voltas?

Haier is better than Voltas, as per our research and after writing this article. We can say that, And you can also read this article to determine which one is better.

What is the benefit of Haier AC?

Better build quality, filtration system, advanced use of technology, and many benefits or features available in the Haier AC. Which we already discussed in this article.

Is Voltas a good company for AC?

Of course, we research both brands before writing this article. If we talk about them as an AC company, it’s a reputable brand.

Is Haier a good brand?

Yes, Haier is a good and reputable brand as an AC company. It has been operating in India for many years and providing their customer with good products and services.

What is the life of Voltas AC?

Voltas claims that their ACs can last up to six to ten years if we take care of the AC. And provide it proper care and maintenance regularly.

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